Is that what it's called? Anyway, cool, arcade racing, even including an "insert coin" to make it authentically arcadey! Could this be the beginning of the return of the arcade racer??? :) I have been living under a rock, so it's possible I have missed a whole generation!


hello to all you Burners

we hope you might like our forthcoming game. it's coming for ps4, pc and xbox one.

and just to say...

we havent forgotten about you guys....and we've been really busy for the past year or so.



Hello there,

I've enjoyed playing Burnout for years - particularly Paradise, which I put many, many hours into. I used to play online with some of the Road Cru a long time ago, but strangely never signed up over here. It's sad that so much of the community seems to have disappeared. I used to follow Criterion a lot - I got hooked on the podcasts and I still remember the days of the ill-fated official forum.


UPDATES 10-10-2015

The site has been down for maintenance for the last 20 minutes. All patches and updates have been applied successfully. If everything has worked as it should you will not notice any changes :-)



Going Gold

My Xbox credit expires soon, so looks like I will be going Gold again before too long.

Time to scrape the rust off my Revenge Racer!  :)


Gone Silver

Well, as I never to hardly ever play anymore, I have allowed my Xbox Live account to go silver. 

I have no current plans to renew, so after 10 years on Xbox Live, I am saying farewell.

Of course, being in a gaming family, I could always play on Xandu's tag.... so if I do fancy jumping back on Revenge, just call me Mrs Du! 


UPDATES 02-09-2014

As our new chat system was hated by many and loved by few it had to go!

We now have a new chat-block that is more similar to the previous one. Let us hope that the crew likes this one better.

The new chat is only available to members of the site. The chat block displays a maximum of 30 messages. Messages older that 4 days are automatically moved to the logs regardless of this number.

If you click the info link below the chat a list of available emoticons will be displayed.

That's it for now.


UPDATES 11-08-2014

On Saturday, the site was updated due to some serious security vulnerabilities in Drupal. At the same time, I removed our old chat room as it had several security issues that needed fixing.


Today I'm playing some B3

Now that I keep my Xbox 360 at the Three Fields Office it will probably get fired up some more.

Not much to share right now - we're hard at work on our first two games and they are progressing.

We're a really small team so we hope everyone can be patient with us.

We're not currently making anything racing related - but we hope to in the future. It's been awhile, but I think I am interested again in doing something *more special* than B3 was.

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