Just wanted to say good races to you all who went into Bootleg's Room.... Of course Im sure you all Burnoutaholics do that on a constant daily basis but I think that was only my second time being there and it was a fun room... More importantly I learned that Bootleg is a PIMP, took me down twice still, and young at the same least this time no complaints were sent to Microsoft...... AND no, I honestly wasnt hitting on Zombie...............................(but i'll give you a wink anyways)...........LOL..........


Neo is back and he is my biatch

Sup Blogg Dogg, I just had to post this morning of the antics I witnessed last night on Revenge, you think you have see it all then some one comes along and blows your mind, I have raced some pretty fast people in my burnout career anyway to race, being in first place and this certain person in last I thought yeah Ive got this in the bag, looking again at the standings 6,5,4,3,2 as quickly as that then this person is .2miles behind me Ok, ok so I am only traveling at 209 and I look at the distance again and it looks like a digital speedometer, how quickly this person caught me up I have onl

off to see the wizard!

not really im just off to work lol ill miss all you guys im trying to hold back the tears right now.  im off to go sell video game ok so i hope you guys dont cry for me right now it will all be ok! ill be back soon i hope! i promise!

Why cant I think of a cool Title

Sup my maine Blogg Dogg, hows it hanging so to speak, I'm kinda pissed with COD 4 still hasent turned up, whats the point of pre-ordering if you don't get it on the day of release, I might have to pop into Asda tonight, I'm not shure if iI should change game supplier now as I would hate to not have Paradise on day relese and have all my friends sending me game invites, like I did with the Halo 3 Beta, ho ho ho that was so much fun

Just a thought!

hey guys and hello blogster!!! i was just having a thought about all of us burners who love the game the most that what if we were to hold a convention some how some were we can all go to hang out and burn each other out once a year! i think it would be fun i hear some people already do that lol and oh a clap for me i baught burnout 2 for xbox yay!! but yes what do you guys think about that all grou burnout hang out weekened? something like that lol! The Burnout Weekend!!

Forgotten Sons, Foreign Tourers And First Memories

The job is very stressful indeed... keeping everyone happy in the Bike business is difficult nigh on impossible at times.  You got shed loads of cutomers, some awkward an fussy, some cool an groovy:  you have bikes workin in progress to provide and watch over, techs who ride who need you for their needs, sales guys who need you for their new or old sales etc.  Your Boss as well must be kept quite happy of course!  Then there's your mates who can be a priority then theres the damn phone ringing in the background constantly.

A Change Of Blog

Gonna give the whole bike thing a day or two's rest - i don't wanna go too far with it but it will be finished - i might be as old as Bootleg when it does but hey i got those 20 years he's got on me in the bag  lol

My first Long one!!

well for me it is 2:30 am. and i thought i would just wrote a nice bloggy for all of you to read and ripe out your eyes .......... kidding!


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