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First of all Happy New Year to all our members.

It has been a while since my last post and ZombieTron thought it was time to do some work on the site so here we go...


Concours? Now What?

So I maxed out on my speed point level at level 71 at over 5 million points.  I decided to go into the concours mode which doesn't seem like it's needed right now, but I haven't done a lot online anyways; so the rest of the cars and stuff was not a problem.  Still I am faced with the dilemma of not seeing a worthy enough benefit of trying to get to level 71 again.  Others have maxed it out and there seemed to be no real reward for it.


Oh, and now the game freezes after completing a speedlist online. Smh



Hidden Character in Need For Speed Most Wanted? Mudman!?

I'm sure it's not a hidden character. It's probably just my imagination, but while I was racing in the Ford 150 Raptor, with the other trucks in the park, I was knocked into the little pond.  I instantly pressed pause in frustration and saw this little guy on my windshield. A Mud-Man? The Gingerbread-Man's friend?


Article Praises Paradise for Most Wanted Action

Who can blame them! Arguably the best and most skillful Burnout Since the greats of them all, Burnout 3:Takedown!



Can't Find the Need to Speed?


The new NFS: Most Wanted, is a good game, but it's not Burnout.  So how can we Burners get into it?  Here are some helpful tips:

Concerning the Player:


I don't think I get it!!??

I'm normally the first person to argue that racing games don't need a storyline. But, maybe I was wrong.

When it comes to open world racing/driving, I really think a good story would help me.

Am I missing something? Or is NFS:MW just too subtle for me???

To be fair, I have only played the game 3 times so far. The first time I played, I was quite enjoying it. I was playing offline only, got through some events and found some cars.


Beat Most Wanted Campaign- Another Look (Offline)

Yeah, it's a mashup, in my initial review I was wrong in thinking it could be considered different than Burnout Paradise (BOP still has something special about it such as more destruction and xtreme everything).  If you are an avid Burnout Paradise player, you can get through this easily. After you are done, there is so much to do.  I'll go online soon, once I practice without online distractions.


Picked Up the Limited Edition- Here's my take on it

Summary: Some helpful things to consider if you are somewhat discouraged by this game not being another Burnout Paradise (It's not, just BOP's cool cousin, or maybe a glimpse of an upcoming Burnout?).

Update: Defeated all Most Wanted Cars, 76% finished.


pinned it

though chat pad may be easier to use with this app or a keyboard like bboxee?and #escapethegrid went through town. Thats Forza Horizon Press show.


Played a bit of Most Wanted today- thoughts.

I gave this a try at the Play Expo. The singleplayer demo I played was only one race and a portion of the map.


The race was a checkpoint race. There's takedowns in it, but no slow-down camera for it (it got a bit tiring after a while in Paradise, anyway - especially  doing a few straight after each other). The handling is great but turning requires a little bit more effort than Paradise - you can't simply glide round any corner with ease.

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