Who's Getting Most Wanted?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is getting closer, and it really does look like a sequel to Burnout Paradise.

Although it is a bit strange that there isn't really that much information about the game yet, I have already seen enough in the trailers that reminds me of Paradise. Billboards, smash gates, freeburn online with races and those brilliant challenges, takedowns, etc. to convince me to get the game.

I also love how you unlock cars by finding them in the city. As soon as I get past the tutorial, I'll probably spend a few hours looking around the city.


Competition Time

Hey guys and gals, everytime I run a competition I like to keep you all in the loop, so I have a little comp here that I'd like to share with you all, over on XLN I am running a comp on the latest game that I am playing, R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War.


UPDATES 22-09-2012

It's been a while since the last update so yesterday I finally got around to updating the site and applying all relevant security fixes. Quite a few bugs have been fixed but probably nothing anyone will notice smiley


Hot Pursuit / Paradise Mash Up!

First impressions were that Most Wanted is going to be Paradise 2, but now it looks more likea mash up of Paradise and Hot Pursuit.

Check out the new vid:–-singleplayer#play

OK, so you have to copy and paste cos links don't work... or just go to the need for speed website and click on the news tab.


Is anyone racing anymore?

Burnout revenge comes back online and I see very few rooms open. Does anyone race anymore? Or should I switch to Forza. yuck.........Aaaaggghh?? We had a good long run with Revenge but it must be time for something new. Anyone know what the next good racing game is, or what we can expect???


So thought's on NFS:Most Wanted By Criterion Games.

Basically Paradise with 'real cars', slightly 'wider' driving space, with a less cartoon look, and lapped races, speedo, moving map, now we just need some sorta boost lock feature to give us a slight Burnout feel? Oh, and Autolog V:2.

So thought's from you, the half a dozen of us left...?


NFS:MW My First Impressions

Yesterday, NFS:MW got it's debut at E3. The trailer looks sweet, music from the Prodigy and action that gets me smiling.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Trailer

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Debut


E3 Excitement

E3 is fast approaching and we are hoping to hear something from Criterion Games from the expo. Today, @GeneralCusster tweeted a teaser:

LA flights and hotel booked for @TheWebsterHoff @SargeSullivan and me.

I hope they all have a lovely time in lalaland! :)


UPDATES 01-05-2012

As it is's birthday today I had to add a new feature to the site. 

  • Comments can now be voted up and down (requested by SUFFUR).

That is it! See you online in Burnout Revenge!


Facebook Group - Alex responds!

The Save Burnout Revenge group has had a phone call and emails and now comments from Alex Ward. Thanking them for their efforts to save the servers, here (in our default font, which I hope is nice enough) is the summary email and further comments:

Message just receved from alex ward.

Dear Nicola and Mark,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you personally.

To summarise:

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