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As it is's birthday today I had to add a new feature to the site. 

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That is it! See you online in Burnout Revenge!


Facebook Group - Alex responds!

The Save Burnout Revenge group has had a phone call and emails and now comments from Alex Ward. Thanking them for their efforts to save the servers, here (in our default font, which I hope is nice enough) is the summary email and further comments:

Message just receved from alex ward.

Dear Nicola and Mark,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you personally.

To summarise:


The Next Burnout Title...? My perfect Burnout!

So what would I like the next Burnout Title to be like?


What are Criterion Games working on?

The only thing we have heard from them are vague we have something big to announce tweets, but we have rumours of two different possible titles.

Burnout: Rush Hour and Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2

So, what are Criterion Games working on? Could the Wii Burnout be by another developer, like Dominator was? Have Criterion Games permanently abandoned Burnout for the NFS series?

I am eager to learn more about these games, hopefully we will hear some solid announcements soon.


Where does Burnout go from here?

I know I am eagerly awaiting an announcement from Criterion Games, to hear a new Burnout is on its way!

However, I am also painfully aware that the series has not gone in the direction I would have wanted it to go in. And any announcement now will not please ALL BurnoutAholics.

There are now two very different types of Burner. The old skool Burner who thrives in closed track battle racing environments and the new comers who want to pull stunts and explore open worlds.

So where does the series go from here?


What are you playing now?

I was given Ridge Racer Unbounded as a birthday present, as my birthday was the same day as the Revenge server close down, I figured I should ask for a potential replacement.

I have tried it, but find it quite difficult and unforgiving. But, as it does have takedowns (frags) and big jumps, ways to earn power (or boost), and as it feels a bit Revengey in attitude, it could be a good game to play while we wait for news about a new Burnout title.


Tweet Tweet

We did a bit of a twitter campaign to try to #SaveBurnoutRevenge. It obviously didn't work, and we didn't get any official responses from @CriterionGames, but we did get some positive support from a couple of guys who no longer work for Criterion, but did work on Burnout Revenge.

Here are the tweets:

@IainAngus: I worked on this game and will be very sorry to see it switched off.

@Fortress_Craft: That sucks, Why not release the server code and allow people to run it. We sweated blood on the network version of that game...


My Monday Musing

This may or may not be shown on Inside Xbox in the UK:

EA are closing the servers for Burnout Revenge on the 13th of April 2012.

Almost two years since we lost the ability to play Burnout 3: Takedown online with the close of Original Xbox Live, we are now losing its sequel.

Burnout Revenge is a unique experience on Xbox Live. No other racing game shares its adrenalin fuelled furiosity. No other game has anything like its crash mode. No other game has had me hooked for over 6 years.


Missing the last week

Sadly we are unable to get to play this week, so are missing saying goodbye to Burnout Revenge.

I hope you are all still playing and making the most of your final chance to race around the Revenge world.

I know some people have tried Ridge Racer Unbounded, and I hope to try it soon too... I wish there was a demo as I'm not sure it is going to suit me.

Otherwise, I guess my race fix will be found on NFS: The Run, at least until something better comes along.

Let me know if you have any tips for arcade racers I may not have tried out!


Burnout Forever!

I haven't posted in a while but I always read what everyone says so here it goes. :)

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