The ALL NEW BurnoutAholics Forums!

Those of you who frequent will know that they have upgraded (I use that word loosely) their forums.

They have yet to create a Peggle forum, and the Driver: SF forum only has a handful of posts.

The general state of the Xbox forums has inspired me to expand our own.

I have now added a Driver: SF and a Peggle forum to our list.

Please let me know if there are any other games you feel like discussing here, as I am happy to add any forums that I think/know will be used.


Burnout CRASH! = Pinball

I didn't really get the pinball influence until I saw this video:

Now, I can really see the pinball influences.

The music that comes in when special things happen is very pinball. Falling down holes and starting at the bottom again is very pinball. And all the triggered special features have a very pinbally feel.


Driver: San Francisco

If you haven't tried the demo yet... please do! It was a lot of fun and could be a decent Burnout replacement until another real Burnout reveals itself! wink

I know I said that about Blur and Split/Second, but I really mean it about this one! smiley


Eurogamer Expo 2011

Just out of curiosity is anyone attending this years Eurogamer ???? I will be there camera in hand and pen behind my ear ..... so if your going let me know and who knows I may see you there ...... laugh


well well well

it seems so much has changed since my last visit *looks around* very nice indeed. I did have to double check that I was actually on the right site ..... lol



I'm sorry if I interrupt your freeburn and attempt to do stuff. I am not very good, but trying to get better. How the hell do you get to be that fast? I'm going around and whoosh.... there goes someone else, flying higher, going faster and looking way, way cooler....


So, if you meet up with me, please be patient.


Thanks - Oldvolvoman


UPDATES 06-08-2011

We are still making changes to the site after the major update we did a couple of weeks ago.

The following has been changed / fixed:


Microsoft Kinect Menu Navigation - I hate it!

Personally I do not like the way you navigate menus using Kinect. Navigation is way to slow with the current implementation due to the pauses when selecting items and the fact that most games implement a system where you have to verify your choice with a OK/Cancel after selection.


Gamertag generator revisited

One of the first features we added to our site back in 2007 was the "BurnoutAholics Gamertag Generator". This has been extremely popular and has been featured on the top of list of name-generators all over the web.

Unfortunately the generator stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Today I finally got around to fixing it. While doing so I also expanded the wordlists that is used to generate the names. It can now generate over 37000 different names!

Jul upgraded! has now been upgraded to the latest supported version of Drupal. We are still working on the site but most of the features and a couple of new ones are already up and running. Some content is still missing but I hope to fix that quickly.

We will also be doing some major changes to the apperance of the site but that will have to wait until we are sure everything is ok after the upgrade.

Here is a couple of things that have changed:

Text editor:
- The editor used for writing comments and blogs has been upgraded.

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