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fun and games with noobs

so was on revenge last night as one of my alter ego's and was having a laugh with some noobs during the gaming.. but before we get onto that.. whats with all the kicking going on.. i know i have a room rule when hosting of 'no mic no play' but anyone else is welcome.. unless there annoying and then they will be booted.. but was having difficulty getting a game.. took about 20min and 3 of 4 attempts at joing the only race room open and getting booted.. i know the rank i had was low but it was only 403.. and the host was sitting on the 1500ish number so it would have been close..

Temp Tag = Liberation

 So after having the recent fun and games with Microsoft with regards to getting my 2 360’s fixed I ended up with 2 free months worth of xbox live.. although my subscription is up for renewal and I could have got two free months for ‘drunknnumpty’ I decided to reactived my second tag and see what I could do with the rank on Revenge.. think its currently around the 800 mark and was going to see if I could get it down below my regular tag’s rank of <300..


lobby lurkling, room hopping and RERURA..

another post.. wow.. work sucks for me to be doing this.. lol

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back in time

has really been that long since I blogged.. waiting for the paradise demo.. damn.. should really come on more.. think the reason I haven't blogged is due to my disappointment in paradise.. not that its not a good game.. it is.. it has done so much in terms of technology for gaming and the concept has so many possibilities it unbelievable.. its just not for me.. i never really like free roam.. maybe im just too set in my ways.. a race should be a specific route with the barriers..

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Is it really Paradise

so at first I was disappointed.. woke up at my normal time for work, (6am) and turned on the 360, into the market place and what no paradise demo.. that sucked... was looking forward to it being all ready to go when I got home.. not a good start..

getting personal

So I haven't been checking on this for a while and I come back log on and notice I have a new personal message.. it seems as though I may have offended someone.. or they took what I said a little personal..

Lamerscore Whores

So with the 5th anniversary of Xbox live (sorry all the PS Burnoutaholics...) I thought I would post about something that has become a little bit of a pet hate recently..


what is it about some people.. they just seem to buy games not for the enjoyment but to rack up as many lamerscore points as they can before they can trade it in and get the next piece of crap that has a thousand points they can get..



so.. i have finally done it..  I have actually taken thte time and sent in a question to the Criterion team around paradise and now I will wait for the ridicule that will be recieved due to no spell check and probably writing utter crap..


should i have played up to there ego to get on there good side..


theres a thin line between genius and insanity, i think i've fallen off..


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