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Three Fields start work on a CAR game!

Doing this as a blog as baby poked my eye and is now sleeping on my lap so there are bound to be typos galore... but there are tweets! And Alex has said they are working on a car game... A CAR GAME! cool! :)





Is that what it's called? Anyway, cool, arcade racing, even including an "insert coin" to make it authentically arcadey! Could this be the beginning of the return of the arcade racer??? :) I have been living under a rock, so it's possible I have missed a whole generation!


Going Gold

My Xbox credit expires soon, so looks like I will be going Gold again before too long.

Time to scrape the rust off my Revenge Racer!  :)


Gone Silver

Well, as I never to hardly ever play anymore, I have allowed my Xbox Live account to go silver. 

I have no current plans to renew, so after 10 years on Xbox Live, I am saying farewell.

Of course, being in a gaming family, I could always play on Xandu's tag.... so if I do fancy jumping back on Revenge, just call me Mrs Du! 


Neglected site :(

Sorry burners, haven't been around for a while. If you still visit the site say 'hi'. It would be good to get some conversations going again. :)

Are you still playing revenge?

We had a good blast on takedown the other day too... still the best racing games out there!


ZombieTron's Blog

Hello folks,

It's been a while since I wrote anything here, so I thought I would fill you in on what I've been up to.

Not a lot of it is anything to do with games.

Xandu and I are getting married in 2014. So, I've been busy with wedding planning. I'm making the invitations myself and doing a few other crafty DIY projects for the event. As well as doing all the other organising things you need to do.


xBone, iPad and NFS:R

First of all, apologies for not blogging on anywhere near a regular basis. I have been rubbish about adding updates on here. I blame the fact that I mostly use my iPad now, which is more suited to FB updates, Twittering and using our new chat box feature than writing anything more substantial.

Secondly, Xbox have revealed their next gen console, it’s the one. Our little girl was awake while we were watching the reveal and was put to bed during the COD bits at the end, so I wasn’t giving it the full attention that I probably should have.


I don't think I get it!!??

I'm normally the first person to argue that racing games don't need a storyline. But, maybe I was wrong.

When it comes to open world racing/driving, I really think a good story would help me.

Am I missing something? Or is NFS:MW just too subtle for me???

To be fair, I have only played the game 3 times so far. The first time I played, I was quite enjoying it. I was playing offline only, got through some events and found some cars.


Hot Pursuit / Paradise Mash Up!

First impressions were that Most Wanted is going to be Paradise 2, but now it looks more likea mash up of Paradise and Hot Pursuit.

Check out the new vid:


OK, so you have to copy and paste cos links don't work... or just go to the need for speed website and click on the news tab.


NFS:MW My First Impressions

Yesterday, NFS:MW got it's debut at E3. The trailer looks sweet, music from the Prodigy and action that gets me smiling.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Trailer

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Debut

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