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Just a suggestion....

Zombs, or Xan..... Sorry to be a pain.. but Ive never really realized thsi before.... This is just a suggestion and whether you guys choose to change it or not is completely up to you... Either way, I dont see a problem with the setup right now...


A Request...

.. Zom or Xan..

As of today, One Incognito is no more... Can you please do a name change because I couldnt not find it in the edit profile section. Anyways, when you get the chance... please change this account's name to Jinno Angelo... Thank you...


Yeah I Feel It..

Do you ever feel pressured to do good or win when your racing in a certain tag?


I need a New Car!

Whats the best 190 car in Revenge?

Whats the best 202 car in Revenge?

Whats the best 205 car in Revenge?


-- Want something that could hold speed well and handles almost like a RR..


Good Races Tonight!

What a Night.. Good Races, Fun Ones! Everyone seemed fast..cept me! Damn!................................................ I got my ass Beat! All Hail KevLAR!!!! Ohhhhh weeee Ohhhhhh wooooo Ooooooo.........


A Small Pool to Pick From

We definitely need to play more people... Seeing how the pool of racers just keep dwindling, its seems more and more stuff is just popping on youtube, created by certain racers just to either make fun of the same people they race on a constant daily basis... or Maybe cause it just that everyone knows each other and its just a way to joke and kid around with each other on a daily basis... God knows.. I will say tho that I did enter a room yesterday and one racer was particularly upset about people making up videos of him...



Hey whats up with that post A.W. put up there? Trouble? Did u start causing trouble? Again? He mentioned of other forums they read... did he mean us? I hope I didnt cause trouble... I just thought it was funny...


Zombs or Xandu..

Hey I have something you both might want to take a look at... I was trying to post this on as a blog, but its not coming out the way I want it to... Can you please send me an email privately so that I could send you this word doc..

Let me know what you think after this because I think when I explained it this way, it helped Moangel74 a lot...



Anyone ever get pissed at playing Burnout too much? Cause thats what Im feeling like right now.... Maybe its just the fact that you wanna perfect everything but for some reason, some day, one day, one week you just suck like crazy and crashes are your best friend....

Or maybe cause Ive been called a cheat lately.... Hmmm, How come people who are semi fast say the very fast racers cheat all the time? Yes, I do have a Game Genie and you can get it on XBox360UnlicensedGoodsandCheats.com..... By the way the website if only available every 31st of Febraury...


After all this time...

Here what happened lately... I decided to get my rank up to 75,500. Just to see who will actually let me stay in and race afterall, they do know what my gamertag is when they see Nero Angelo on... I have raced some of these players before so they know exactly how I race..

Well, I went to some of their rooms and guess what I got kicked by players who are ranked 200 and 300?... Only three people let me stay in their rooms and guess who they are, Shout (153), Waterball (70), and Dark (200)...

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