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Am I missing something? I recieved a message from Eezo about some link on Youtube about a certain MRW. So whats the deal with people ganging up on MRW? I heard that he likes to send racers who are under 100 or at the 100 or less than 500 messages about them waiting at the finish line so that he could win a race and get his rank down?

Sorry, Ive never raced MRW before. So I dont know who he is and how he plays, but maybe I should race him.

The emergence of GBR???

Whats you take on this? Roonige and Silky created a GBR tag and so did Hawkeye. In their own right, I would say that Roonige and Silky do belong up there with the GBR clan in Revenge. Personally, its a great homage to the previous GBRs who were indeed some of the best racers in Revenge.

Lately they created the GTR. Its kinda interesting that people still do this to get some of the best racers involved in a group especially since this game is 3 years old now and dead. Elitist you think??

Point system?

Did Burnoutaholics have a point system for blogging, posting articles, and sending messages before? I dont see that now, so maybe it was taken out because bootleg was blogging too much on Non-Burnout stuff? Was that it? I was just wondering as i was looking for that green font that shows how many points I earned so far to redeem for prizes. ROFLMAO!

Paradise this Revenge that....

But I still havent said anything to get it out of hand yet, not that were going to get it out of hand anyways... LOL...

I thought it was starting to get funny........

Paradise babies....ROFLMAO!!! Kevlar -- A Paradise baby?, LOL!!



Get Rid of that Welcome to Paradise. Home of the true addicts motto that you have up there. Its catering to only Paradise players which arent the only true and loyal fanbase for the Burnout series.

Is it just me?

But why does it seem more "wholesome" in here??? Is it cause I know Zombie and Xandu for quite a while now?? Seems like a much more laidback area for Burnout players you know?? Is it just me? Or is it because they actually show pictures of that Burnout Car Cake for the yr. anniversary? I work all weekend and for the some days, there is time to go online and post like there is no tomorrow.

Nero Angelo's Guide to Maintaining Speed

Okay, I dont have the same lap times as Vapor, but I think Im qualified enough to talk or write come info about this. Seeing how Psychedlic asked this question a couple of days ago, I will try to help and put what I know for you all to see. If your not convinced however, that Im qualified to write this, here are a few of my times:

1. Eastern Bay Long Reverse: 1.43.01

2. White Mmountain Forward: 1.41.68

3. Motor City Long Reverse: 1.07.81

4. Eternal City Long Reverse: 1.19.66

5. Eastern Bay Upper Link Forward: 1.02.31


Hello My fellow Revengers and Paradisians....


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