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I'm looking for people to do the online challenges with on the PS3. I host some games but it gets annoying when people don't take part. So if you want to nail all those online challenges pleae send your PSN username and if I see that you are online and playing Burnout I'll join ya!

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I feel your pain. Add me: ninja_bullet. I always do the challenges when they're activated, even when it's ones I've already completed. You didn't list your PSN though. Put "burnoutaholics" in your message when you request me.

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send me a friend invite. MGDizzle

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I pisses me off also. I want a new car.  TXGSXR1K

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Defo. sounds like a plan to me - my PSN is kiakanpa

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anyone else intereste?

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I will do some challenges, as long as they are 4 to 8 players

ive already done the 2 and 3 players


PSN: ste_08

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 definitely, it's extremely annoying when your doing a challenge and there is a player on the other side of the map doing nothing  - send me an add request with burnoutaholics as subject   i play call of duty 4 also

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I agree it is frustrating when people leave or are doing other thigns when a challenge is going on.


Look for me: 


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 i need to do 2-8 but i will do others if people need them.


just look for hobknob

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Will do challenges even if I have finished them.

Please add me and let's play!


I am online almost every day between 21-00 GMT+1

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I've done all 420 3 times over, but I will be glad to help. Recently restarted Paradise doing everything with just the Cavalry (lots of fun, and challenging), so yes, I will be driving around doing challenges in the Cavalry so don't think of me as a noob =p

PSN: Rappy4178


P.S. 1st post!

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Hi Rappy. Welcome to the site. Always good to have people that want to help with challenges.

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-- The Creator --

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my psn is the same as my forum name Evasion-Lv6, i'll be re-doing most of mine again as i just bought burnout off psn so i need to redo the whole game

feel free to add just put the word challenges in the add friend msg as i don't normally accept blank ones