Screen freeze

I have been having my screen freeze during certain jumps and in a couple of races recently.  It actually started today.  Anyone else having problems?

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Sounds like it might be a problem for the Burnout Team.. you know.. if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you know where to find them.. maybe you can ask the Burnout Team!

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I've had the screen freeze a couple of times during online races - I have to turn off the PS3 & then get dinged for "unfinished" races!!  VERY frustrating.  I have also set up a set of my own races only to find that once I start the races, there are races I've never seen before - this has only happened twice and both times were after a lengthy amount of time before race sets waiting for people to enter.

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Its because paradise city is so big it takes too long for it all to load at once so it has to load in chunks, after about an hour of playing the hole city is on ur hard drive and the problem quits=]

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I have had this on xbox360 a few times since I first got the game, however more frequently (once or twice a week) I have experienced moments where the action stutters, then speeds up to 'catch up' with itself. Not typical lag as we know it. - Anyway, this day and age there shouldnt be such a thing as lag online. Its definitely a problem, this freezing, but I dont think its something that can be fixed... 

brokengearbox... yet still competing!

brokengearbox... yet still competing!