Burnout 3 PS2 memory card problem

Hi guys,

I bought a copy of Burnout 3 (Platinum edition) for the PS2 a while ago and like it a lot - unfortunately I can't really enjoy it because I can't save my progress to either of my memory cards.

The game displays the following error message on startup: "No memory card (PS2) inserted. You cannot currently save your progress." If I insert the *other* card at this point, that one does get recognized, however, when I try to create a new profile, I get the message "Save failed. An error occurred while saving game data to the memory card (PS2) in slot 1.", then the first message is repeated.

The console is a brand new, unmodified 77004 (PAL), the cards are brand new 8MB and 64MB Sony ones. No other game has similar problems.

Any idea what might be happening? Should I try a 3rd party card perhaps?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi - I saw your post and I too am facing the exact same issue - I am not sure if the card will work only after a reset, I do not want to do a reset as that would make my score go back to zero...

If you could resolve this issue in some way, please let me know as well.


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...the criterion games site? These guys will probably be able to help if no one here can and are worth a shot!