Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about all the Burnout games.

Burnout Paradise (36)
Burnout Revenge (30)

* Playstation 2 
* Gamecube 
* XBOX (is also compatible with XBOX 360) 

Burnout 2: Point of Impact 
* Playstation 2 
* Gamecube 

Burnout 3 Takedown 
* Playstation 2 
* XBOX (is also compatible with XBOX 360) 

Burnout Revenge 
* Playstation 2 
* XBOX 360 (1) 

Burnout Legends 
* Playstation 2 
* PSP 

Burnout Dominator 
* Playstation 2 

Burnout Paradise 
* Playstation 3 
* XBOX 360 
* PC (2)

1. Please note that the XBOX and XBOX 360 version of Burnout Revenge are different games and are not compatible. 
2. Burnout Paradise is the only Burnout game that is available on PC.

There are several ways to do this. Try one of the following.

At count down tap Right Trigger and Left Trigger then HOLD Right Trigger
Now your back wheels should be spinning and smoking. If they're not repeat quickly. Make sure you get them spinning before the count down goes from 2 -> 1.
3, 2, 1 ... GO. On go tap Left Trigger, Right Trigger and A.

Same as above but on GO tap Left Trigger and press Right Trigger and A.

Same as 1 but Just press A on GO. This is the hardest way to do it since it requires perfect timing.

3, 2, 1... GO. On go tap Left Trigger and press Right Trigger. This is also and advanced technique and requires perfect timing.

Burnout 3: Takedown

The save games in Burnout 3: Takedown is tied to the XBox is was created on and cannot be moved to any other XBox. If you want to play Burnout 3: Takedown on another XBox or your XBox 360 you cannot move your save game. You will have to replay the whole game.

Burnout Crash!


  • The Primitives - "Crash"
  • Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby"
  • Salt-N-Pepa - "Push It"
  • Gloria Estefan - "Dr.Beat"
  • Spandau Ballet - "Gold"
  • Shirley Bassey "Hey, big spender"
  • Inner Circle - "Bad Boys"
  • The Weather Girls - "It's Raining Men"




Burnout CRASH! will be available on XBOX 360 and PS3 as a downloadable title.

Burnout Dominator

Carnival City (South America) and Red Gate (Eastern Europe) can be downloaded from the links below. Please note that these tracks will only work on the PSP version of Burnout Dominator.


When you have completed 25% and 75% of the game you unlock "Menu damage". It is worth zero Dominator Points. It has an interesting and purely cosmetic effect on the game menu screens. You get a puncture mark in your screen with cracks going out of it.

Burnout Paradise

Yes, you can delete the previous updates as each successive update includes all of the information from the previous updates.

Once you have v 1.7 installed, you can delete 1.6 the Bike pack and Cagney.

The Re-Start option can be found in the Easy Drive menu on the D-Pad, just press right on the D-Pad when you want to re-start the event you are on, or the previous event and select Re-Start.


This applies to the XBOX 360 version of Burnout Paradise.

'Try to go back to the dashboard and reload the game. The problem seems to be intermittent and reloading the game should solve the problem.

Revenge Racer

Yes, currently there are two boostless cars available for online play in Burnout Paradise.

The Hunter Olympus and the Nakamura Raj-Jin both have a 10 speed rating and no boost. When you enter showtime with boostless cars you get a white boost bar for the duration of the showtime.

The shortest race you can create is 1093 yards.

The shortest race in Burnout Paradise


The Cagney update includes the following new cars:

  • Hunter Olympus 4x4 - This car can be unlocked in the Calendar event Mount Olympus.  If you win an online Road Rage Event this day you will get to keep the car for ever.
  • Tiger GT - This car will be made available in a future Graduation Weekend event called "Eye of the Tiger".
  • Nakamura Raj-Jin Turbo - This car is only awarded to Criterion Games Elite Forum posters and to a very limted group of "Friends of Criterion". Unless you are in either of these categories you will never be able to get this car. You can however take the car for a test drive if you are lucky enough to join a lobby where the host owns this car. He or she can then setup a race and select the car for everyone.


There are 6 Carbon cars in Burnout Paradise.

Krieger Carbon UBERSCHALL 8 -  (completed 2 full sets of online freeburn challenges)
Montgomery Carbon Hawker - (all billboards)
Carson Carbon GT Concept - (all smashes)
Jansen Carbon X12 - (all super jumps)
Kitano Carbon Hydros Custom - (beat all Showtime Road Rules)
Nakmura Carbon Ikusa GT - (beat all Time Road Rules)

A road rule is a online or offline ShowTime record or Time record for a street. To be able to set a road rule the first thing you must do is activate the type of road rule you want to set. There are basically 4 different choices:

  • Time Offline
  • Time Online
  • Showtime Offline
  • Showtime Online
You select what kind of road rule you want to compete against by pressing up on your D-pad (scrolls through the different types of road rules).
To set a ShowTime road rule for a street you need to start the ShowTime in the street you want to set the road rule for. After you have started you can take the ShowTime wherever you want (other streets).
To set a time road rule you need to start in either end of the street. When you enter the street you will see timer in the middle top part of you screen.


The quickest and easiest way to access the map (on XBOX 360) is by pressing the BACK button.

If you have beaten the offline Showtime road rule on East Crawford Drive and didn't get the achievement you also need to beat the online time road rule.

To avoid any problems with this achievement make sure you do the offline Showtime road rule on East Crawford Drive before any other road rules on this street. If you have done any other road rules on East Crawford Drive  you also need to beat the online Showtime road rule.

I'm not sure whether or not this is a glitch with the achievement or an inaccurate achievement description. Hopefully this will be fixed in a patch.

If you only want to play Offline and do not want the version 1.6 update, events can not be restarted. If you feel that you will not be able to win the event you can either race to the finish or just stop your car for about 5 seconds and the event will end automatically. Sometimes it might actually pay off finishing the event even though it feels like you will lose. The AI might crash or take a “wrong” turn and you could end up winning.

If you end up losing the event or decide to cancel the event there is lots of fun stuff to if you want to retry the event.
  1. Do another event. There is almost always another event going back to the same area that you started the original event.
  2. Do a Road Rage or Stunt Run and take it in the same direction as the start of the original event. Remember that you decide where to go!
  3. Do Road Rules when you are driving back to the event.
  4. Do a Show Time and take it in the same direction as the start of the original event.
The only time you really need to restart races is when you do Burning Routes and then you can use one of the techniques above. For any other event just choose another event close to where you are and have fun!
Remember that this is a totally open world and the game play is non-linear. You can do any event in any order you choose!


I you want to cancel any offline event in Burnout Paradise just stop your car. The event will end automatically after about 5 seconds.

If you have beaten the offline time road rule on Watt St. and didn't get the achievement you also need to beat the online time road rule.

To avoid any problems with this achievement make sure you do the offline time road rule on Watt St. before any other road rules on this street. If you have done any other road rules on Watt St. you also need to beat the online time road rule.

I'm not sure whether or not this is a glitch with the achievement or an inaccurate achievement description. Hopefully this will be fixed in a patch.

Edit: This has now been patched.

Check out our MAP for details about the location of each parking garage.

There are 76 cars in Burnout Paradise. This does not include the sponsor cars. Note that the the game says car x of 75 when you enter the junk yard the first time. Car 76 is awarded when you get the block party achievement.

The timer pie tells you how much time is left until your combo will be lost. The countdown is 5 seconds. The timer counts down as long as you don’t do any:

  • Boosting.
  • Driving in reverse. Also note that driving in reverse also gives you more points when performing combos.
  • Air time.
  • Flat spins
  • Barrel rolls
  • Billboards
  • Boost chaining
  • Super Jumps
TIP: One boost squirt is enough to reset the timer pie.
When the timer pie gets red your combo is over and the combo score is added to your total. Your multiplier will also be reset when the timer runs out.


Additional cars can be unlock in by entering the codes below in "Under the hood" in the main menu of Burnout Paradise.
The following codes only works in the US:
  • WALMART - unlocks Wal-Mart Racer
  • BESTBUY - unlocks Hunter Bestbuy Oval Champ
  • CIRCUITCITY - unlocks HotRod (name of car not known yet)
  • GAMESTOP - unlocks Kitano GameStop Sport

Codes that work in Europe:

  • Z891 4K88 IN25 79AA - unlocks Steel Wheels
  • B179 8M20 XA09 80FF - unlocks Kitano GameStop Sport

In France Micromania have a car, to unlock it enter this code:
H211 1Z99 LZ00 00BB


  • Driving in oncoming.
  • Boosting.
  • Drifting.
  • Driving in reverse. Also note that driving in reverse also gives you more points when performing combos.
  • Air time.
  • Flat spins.
  • Barrel rolls.
  • Smashes.
  • Billboards.
  • Boost chaining.
  • Super Jumps.
Also note that some of the actions in the list above also will give you multipliers. Click here for details.


Here are the rules for repetition:

  1. The same jump is only scored once. This means if you go over a jump in one direction and do a flat spin then go back and do a barrel roll in the same direction you will not be scored for the second time.
  2. Billboards and smashes can not be repeated.
  3. Repetition is per combo so you can go back and try again if you crash.
  4. Boost scoring degrades over time. It ends up on 1 point a second.
 Please note that there are lots of jumps you can jump of both ways. This does not count as repetition.


You can get multipliers in several ways.

  • Big Air (+1)
  • Flat Spin (+1 seems like angle must be > 180 degrees and the multiplier increases with higher angles)
  • Super Jumps (+1)
  • Barrel Rolls (+2)
  • Billboards (+1)
  • Boost chaining does not give you mulipliers but points. If you do a 3x boost chain you will get: 1000 + 2000 + 3000 = 6000 points!



No. Burnout Paradise can only be played online through XBox Live.
  • 50 Super Jumps
  • 120 Billboards
  • 400 Smashes


You can find complete maps to all smashes, super jumps and billboards in the Burnout Paradise demo below:

To unlock the Wal-Mart Racer enter code "WALMART" in "Under the hood" in the main menu of Burnout Paradise.

The Wal-Mart racer was first announced in the Wal-Mart Trailer released 2007-01-04.

Here is the full list of Achievements for the Xbox 360 version of Paradise, I have added helpful hints and tips, so all you Gamerscore lovers should be able to get 1000/1000, but it might take a little time and a bit of effort!


Lookin' Good  Repair your first wrecked car   5 points 

This one is simple and will probably be the first achievement you get, just drive that Hunter Cavalry through a Auto Repair shop to get it repaired.

Watt?  Set a Time Road Rule on Watt St   10 points

First off select Time Road Rules on the D-pad. Then find Watt Street, then hit your boost and try to avoid the traffic and parked cars! ping.. Achievement Unlocked!

If you have done the Road Rule but not received the achievement, please read our Watt? FAQ.

It's Showtime  Set a Showtime Road Rule on East Crawford Drive  10 points

First off select Showtime Road Rules on the D-pad. Then go to East Crawford Drive and enter Showtime.

You know how to start Showtime don't you? Just pull your LB & RB at the same time and Whoa! It's Showtime!! You have to make sure you start on East Crawford Drive to get the Achievement.

If you have beaten the Showtime Road Rule and have not been awarded the achievement, read our It's Showtime FAQ.

Great Start  Win a Race  10 points

Do I need to explain this one? I didn't think so.

Misdemeanour  Collect 5 Billboards  10 points

You see those big advertising hoardings with Burnout on them? Drive through 5 of them!

Off the Beaten Path  Collect 25 Smashes  10 points

Keep Out warnings and yellow lights, ignore the warning 25 times  and you will get an Achievement and find loads of cool shortcuts and alternative routes.

Bottom of the Class  Get your D Class License  20 points

Work through the offline game, you should get your D License without many problems, unless you suck!

Perfect Rage  Get 10 Takedowns in Road Rage without Wrecking  5 points

10 Takedowns without wrecking, this one might be harder then it sounds. If you are struggling pick a heavier car.

Rising From the Ashes Repair your car at critical damage in a Road Rage event  10 points

Make sure you don't crash again on your way to the Auto  Repair shop! One crash at critical damage and it's game over!

Spinnin' Around  Perform a 360° Flatspin in any car  10 points

Can you Flatspin over 360 degrees? Maybe our FAQ on Flatspin's will help.

Underachiever Get your C Class License 30 points

Keep playing through the game, aren't you an Underachiever yet?

Learning to Fly Successfully land 5 Jumps 10 points

Don't forget to flap your wings!

Duckin' and Weavin'  Win a Marked Man without being taken down  10 points

There's more then one way to win Marked Man, you can try to out run them, or pick a heavier car and fight your way through!

The Show Must Go On Get a x10 multiplier in Showtime  20 points

Time to Catch the Bus! You might have to catch 10 of them for this achievement!

Rampage!  Get a Takedown Rampage  20 points

I think you will have to get a few Takedowns in a row for this achievement, I will update this with how many when I know!

Must Try Harder  Get your B Class License  40 points

Getting closer to that A license! Keep playing through the events for more Achievement points.

Parallel Park  Power Park with a 100% rating  20 points

Don't be accused of being a lady driver! read our power parking FAQ.

Daredevil  Land a 2 barrel roll jump  25 points

Read our Barrel Roll FAQ and don't forget to get 2 you need to go FAST!

Boosting Around the World  Get a x20 Boost Chain  25 points

You need to pick the right kind of car for this one, a speed class car. Keep driving oncoming getting near misses and drifting while boosting to earn enough boost to refill your boost bar before it runs out. Whatever you do, don't let go of BOOST!

Flying Colors  Get your A Class License  50 points

WooHoo! You are an A Class driver! Winning events upgrades your license. Can you get to be Elite?

Millionaires' Club  Score over 1,000,000 in Stunt Run  25 points

Pick a Stunt car and hit as many billboards, jumps, drifts, flatspins and barrel rolls as you can, combo them together for big points.

Supercharged  Win 25 Burning Routes  20 points

Having trouble with Burning Routes? Choose a Speed car and find those shortcuts. Work out your route and make sure you don't crash!

Car in a China Shop  Get 500 Takedowns (incl online and offline)  20 points

Feeling aggressive? Pick an Aggression car and pick fights with all of your oponents, but watch out cos they fight back!

Paradise Won  Win your Burnout Driving License  60 points

Your not Elite yet, but your getting there!

All Pimped Out  Win all Burning Routes  10 Points

Check your map to see which events you are missing, you need to win all Burning Routes for this Achievement.

Explorer  Find all Events 10 points

There is an Event at each set of Traffic Lights, check the map for places you might have missed.

Paid and Displayed  There are 3 in Harbor Town, 4 in Palm Bay Heights and 4 in Downtown Paradise. Enter all 11 Car Parks to unlock this achievement. Whether you leave the way you came in, or jump from the top is up you!  20 points

Can't find them? Look at our Car Park Map!

Bustin' Out  Collect all Billboards  20 points

If you see a Billboard but you don't know how to get to it, try looking at it from another angle, drive around... there must be a ramp somewhere!

Totally Smashed  Collect all Smashes  20 points

Once you have found them all the whole map will be opened up!

Flying High  Successfully land all SUPERJUMPS  20 points

The SuperJumps are obvious cos they have Yellow Lights on them.. drive towards the shiny yellow lights! Check the Super Jump Guide to find them.

Speed King  Set a Time Road Rule on every road  20 points

That's every single road, even the little ones!

Crashin' All Over The World  Set a Showtime Road Rule on every road  20 points

That's every single road, even the little ones! The Showtime Road Rule is for the road you start Showtime on.

Shopaholic  Find all Drive Thru's  10 points

Thats all of the Junk Yards, Auto Repair Shops, Paint Shops and Gas Stations. Check the map for areas you might have missed.

Elite  Win your Burnout Elite License  70 points

You Made it to Elite! Way to go on completing those events!!

Criterion Elite  Get your Elite License, win every event, find all discoverables and beat every Road Rule  20 point

Once you get this you are done with the offline game, time to go online and dick around with your friends!

Online Racer  Complete an online Race   10 points

Get online and Race, how easy is that? ping.. Achievement unlocked!

First Win  Win your first 8 player online Race  10 points

You need a full room of 8 players for this Achievement, and you have to win a race.

Online Champion  Win 10 online Races  20 points

The AI is one thing but are you good enough to win 10 Races against real people? 

Online and Kicking  Complete 20 online Events  30 points

Complete.. 20 ... online ... events.. ok?

Firestarter  Make 50 online Rivals  20 points

That's getting take downs on or being taken out by 50 different players online!

Just for Pics  Make your first online Rival  10 points

Aaahhh how sweet, your first online Rival, get a take down or be taken out by someone online.

Happy Snapper  Send 5 Camera Shots   10 points

Got a Live Vision cam? plug it in and use it! 5 Mug or Smug shots will get you this achievement.

Notorious  Send 50 Camera Shots  20 points

Get ready for your close up! 50 Mug or Smug shots and this Achievement is yours.

Hotshots  Get 50 Snapshots in your Lineup  20 points

Look at all those ugly mugs! 50 shots in your line up.. 20 points for you!

Join the Party  Complete 1 online Challenge  10 points

Got online, do a challenge, you need some co-operation for these Achievements.

Party Crasher  Complete 25 online Challenges 15 points

You need a lot of co-operation for this Achievement.

Party Animal  Complete 250 online Challenges  20 points

Hard core co-operation for this one! 250!!! WOW this might take some time..

Block Party  Complete a whole section of online Challenges (excluding PDLC) 40 points

If I knew what this Achievement meant, don't you think I would tell you?

Burnout Skills  In 8 player online Freeburn lead 6 of the Today's Best Scores 30 points

Todays Best are:

  1. Air Time
  2. Barrel Rolls
  3. Drift
  4. Flat Spins
  5. Jump Distance
  6. Near Miss
  7. Oncoming
  8. Power Parking

Get the highest score on 6 of them to get the Achievement.

Criterion Fever  Everyone at Criterion Games is infected with a virus. The virus spreads when those with it are takendown online, and from there it just spreads... You will unlock this achievement when you get infected.  20 points


The following release dates have been announced for Burnout Paradise:

  • 13-12-2007 - Burnout Paradise Demo released
  • 22-01-2008 - Burnout Paradise released in the USA
  • 25-01-2008 - Burnout Paradise released in Europe
There are three different car classes and boost systems in Burnout Paradise:
  1. Speed
  2. Stunt
  3. Aggression
The way you earn boost in these classes is quite different.
In a stunt car the most efficient way to earn boost is by doing stunts. This includes jumps, flat spins, barrel rolls, smashing billboards and so on. You also earn some boost by drifting, doing near misses and driving in oncoming.
In aggression class cars you earn most boost by doing takedowns, grinding, smashing and so on.
The way you use it is the same except for in Speed where you have to have a full boost bar before you can use your boost. This is often referred to as Burnout 2 type boost. When using a car with speed type boost you can also do boost chaining.


The easiest way to do a Barrel Roll is off the Barrel Roll ramps or Split ramps as they are called in the game. These ramps can be found throughout Paradise City. If you hit the left (or right) bit that is sticking up on these ramps with the left (or right) set of wheels it will make your car spin into a barrel roll. You can use your left stick to straighten out the roll. If your car has enough speed when you hit the ramp you can perform double, triple and even quad barrel rolls.
A Barrel Spin is the combination of a Barrel Roll and a Flat Spin. Put the two techniques together and with some practice you should be able to perform a Barrel Spin. Barrel Spins looks very cool and has a high wow factor.

A flat spin can be done on any kind of jumps and ramps. When your car hits the jump or ramp press your E-brake (x button) and push your left stick left or right. This will put your car into a flat spin. The amount of flat spin your car will get depends on your speed when you hit the ramp and how you hit the ramp. A lot of height and airtime might be good but it seems that the spin velocity is more important. The velocity at which the car spins mostly depends on how you hit the ramps and the timing of hitting your e-brake. With practice you should be able to pull off some amazing jumps.

Motor City, Big Surf Beach and Ocean View.

There is one car in the demo. You get to try out the Hunter Cavalry. This is a stunt class car. 
The stats for the car are as follows:
Speed: 2 / 10
Strength: 5 / 10
Boost: 1 / 10
To do power parking you need to find 2 or more cars that are parked fairly close together. Drive towards the cars and just before the front of your car is parallel to the back/front of the first car you want to park between hit your e-brake. You can then slide your car in between the two parked car. When you are starting to learn this it is probably a good idea to not have too much speed when you approach the cars.

To get a perfect power parking you need to make sure that your car is close (but not touching) and parallel to the curb and not touching the car in front of and behind you. If you touch the cars you are trying to park between and set off their alarms it seems that you cannot power park there again

Burnout Revenge

EA closed the Burnout Revenge servers 2012-04-13. EA actually changed their mind and the servers were back online 2012-05-01!

Burnout Revenge supports up to 6 players in the same lobby for online racing and road rage.

Yes! If you own a XBOX 360 and the XBOX 360 version of Burnout Revenge you can still enjoy the game online.

Online service for Burnout Revenge on all other platforms (XBOX and PS2) was shut down in 2007.


We have two really good articles on that tells you all you need to know about drift jumping.

1. The art of Drift Jumping by IVORBIGUN7
2. FrozenVapor's Drift Jumping Guide

Here is the list of the songs and artists featured in the Burnout Revenge in-game music soundtrack. The soundtrack is also available from iTunes.


Andy Hunter - Come On
Animal Alpha - Bundy
Apocalyptica - Life Burns!
Asian Dub Foundation - Flyover
Avenged - Sevenfold Beast...
Billy Talent - Red Flag
Bloc Party - Helicopter
Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood
The Chemical Brothers - The Big Jump
CKY - As The Tables Turn
Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead
The Dead 60s - Riot Radio
Dogs - Tuned to a Different Station
The Doors - Break On Through (To The Other Side) BT vs. The Doors Remix
Emanuel - The Hey Man!
Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance
Finch - Ink
Funeral For A Friend - All The Rage
Goldfinger - I Want
Infusion - Better World (Adam Freeland Mix)
Junkie XL - Today
LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is Playing at My House (Soulwax Shibuya Mix)
Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight To Video (KMFDM Remix)
Morningwood - Nu Rock
MxPx - Heard That Sound
Nine Black Alps - Shot Down
OK Go - Do What You Want
Pennywise - Stand U
The Academy Is... - Almost Here
The All-American Rejects - Top Of The World
The Black Velvets - Fear And Loathing
The Bravery - An Honest Mistake (Superdiscount Remix)
The Outline - Shotgun
The Starting Line - The World
Thrice - Lullaby
Timo Maas - First Day (General Midi Remix)
Tsar - Band-Girls-Money
Unwritten Law - F.I.G.H.T.
We Are Scientists - The Great Escape
Yellowcard - Lights And Sounds

ELO is a rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player games such as chess and Go. ELO is not an acronym. It is the family name of the system's creator, Arpad Elo (1903–1992), a Hungarian-born American physics professor.

ELO was originally invented as an improved chess rating system although it is used in many games today. It is also used as a rating system for competitive multi-player play in a number of computer games. For more information on ELO go to

Dominator Elite

Here is how to unlock the downloadable cars for offline play. You need to unlock their equivalents in the offline game in order to use them.

To get the Spike TV Car you must unlock the Black Elite, to get Dolby car you must unlock the Etnies Racer and so on.

To unlock the 360 car get to Dominator Rank and win a medal on Lone Peak Crashbreaker Race Reverse.

To unlock the Circuit City Car get to Assassin rank and win a medal on Central Route Crashbreaker Eliminator Short Forward.

To unlock Best Buy car complete Motor City Challenge Sheet.

To unlock Gamestop car get to Assassin rank and win a medal on Central Route Short Reverse Traffic Attack.

There are six different “online” leaderboards in Burnout Revenge. Race Ranking is the rank that is your overall ranking and is based on ELO. The higher ELO the lower the rank. Rank 1 is best and rank 75000 is the worst. All the other leaderboards has ranks from 1 to 3000. Burnout Revenge 360 leaderboards are available on the Official Burnout Revenge web site.

1. Your time is not in the top 3000 in the world for that track. If your time is not good enough it will show up as a -. Also not that lap times for player matches (unranked matches) does not register on the online leaderboards.

2. If you know for sure that your time is in the top 3000 your time is not showing because of a bug in Burnout Revenge. This problem affects both the online leaderboards and your best time that is shown when a track is loading. For some players the lap times just disappear or never register at all.

Criterion claims that there are no known bugs with this feature. can however confirm that there is a bug with this feature and that lap times sometimes just disappear and never show again. If you are lucky your time might have registered on the offline leaderboard.

No. Burnout Revenge for the original XBOX and Burnout Revenge for the XBOX are not compatible.

This achievement can seem really hard to get. The clips are reset on midnight GMT of 25th of every month. If you want to get the achievement you should try and do it around this time. Here is what you need to do:

1. First check how many downloads you need to get into the top 20. If it is just after midnight (GMT) on the 25th it should be less than 50.

2. Create a short clip so that it is quick to download. Share it.

3. You need a second gamertag. Create a new silver account or just create a free trial Gold membership.

4. Add yourself as a friend to the second gamertag.

5. Go to 'Friend's Clips' on the secondary gamertag and download your clip.

6. When the clip is finished downloading but before it starts playing press your XBOX Guide button and sign out. You will be thrown back to the Burnout start screen.

7. Sign in again with the secondary profile and repeat from step 5.

8. When you have enough downloads sign in with your primary profile.

9. IMPORTANT! You now need to go to the "Top 20 Clips". If your clip is on there you will get the "Celebrity Status" achievement!

10. Now unshare your clip to make it easier for everyone else to get the achievement as well! Good luck!

There are 8 different locations:

  • USA - Sunshine Keys
  • USA - Motor City
  • USA - Lone Peak
  • USA - Angel Valley
  • Europe - White Mountain
  • Europe - Eternal City
  • Far East - Eastern Bay
  • Far East - Central Route

All the tracks have a forward and reverse version. There are 6 variations of the Eastern Bay track:

  • Eastern Bay Forward
  • Eastern Bay Reverse
  • Upper Link Forward
  • Upper Link Reverse
  • Lower Link Forward
  • Lower Link Reverse

Motor City, Eternal City, Central Route have short and long variations. In total there are 26 tracks in 8 locations.

There is a totalt of 36 achievements (23 single player and 13 online achievements ) in Burnout Revenge. You can get online achievements in both ranked and player matches.

  • 50 to Won!: "Champion! Snagged by winning 50 races online" (25 points)
  • Celebrity Status: "Online Superstar! Bagged by getting a Clip in the Top 20 Downloads!" (65 points)
  • Check It Out!: "Lights! Camera! Destruction! Awarded for sharing up a Burnout Clip!" (10 points)
  • Complete Maniac!: "Crazy! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Maniac rank!" (45 points)
  • Crack the Unsafe!: "Fantastic! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Unsafe rank!" (15 points)
  • Crash Addict!: "Crash Master! Picked up for winning 40 crash events online!" (20 points)
  • Crashes to Ashes!: "Total Carnage! All Crash Intersections completed with Perfect ratings!" (35 points)
  • Dominate the Dominator!: "Dominated! Awarded for scoring all Perfects in the Dominator rank!" (60 points)
  • Easily Offensive!: "Brilliant! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Offensive rank!" (20 points)
  • Extremely Dangerous!: "Awesome! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Dangerous rank!" (30 points)
  • Grudge O' War!: "Grabbed for settling the Score over 100 times with the same rival! Why stop now?" (40 points)
  • Laying the Takedowns!: "Mr Popularity! Bagged for getting 50 Takedowns online!" (20 points)
  • Most Wanted!: "King of the Road! Awarded for getting ahead of all 5 rivals in an online lobby!" (55 points)
  • Not Harmless!: "Cool! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Harmless Rank!" (10 points)
  • Opening a Can!: "Brutal! Awarded for getting 5 in a row on one Revenge Rival!" (15 points)
  • Perfect Assasin!: "Stunning! Awarded for scoring all Perfects in the Assassin rank!" (55 points)
  • Race Ace!: "Cruisin'! All race events stormed with Perfect ratings!" (35 points)
  • Road Warrior!: "Wow! Presented for racking up 1,000 Takedowns!" (25 points)
  • Run, Burner, Run!: "Nice Getaway! Picked up for winning 30 times for the Blue Team in online Road Rage!" (20 points)
  • Rush Hour Revenge!: "Rush Hour Smashed! All Traffic Attacks completed with Perfect ratings!" (35 points)
  • Server Surfer!: "Get stuck in! Awarded for competing in a Burnout Revenge event online!" (5 points)
  • Settle With Metal!: "Revenge is Sweet! Awarded for settling a score online!" (10 points)
  • Should be Autographs!: "Signed off! Awarded for completing all 24 Signature Takedowns!" (35 points)
  • Speeding Bullet!: "Slick! All Burning Lap and Preview events completed with Perfect ratings!" (25 points)
  • Stack the Pack!: "Boom! Awarded for blowing up 5 rivals at once! Total Payback!" (15 points)
  • Start Something Ugly!: "It was them or you, right? Scored for taking someone down online!" (5 points)
  • Takedowns Galore!: "Savage! Earned by chalking up 250 Takedowns!" (20 points)
  • The Crushinator!: "Look Out Below! Awarded for getting 2 Vertical Takedowns in a race!" (15 points)
  • The Terminator!: "Left for scrap! All Eliminator events smashed with Perfect ratings!" (25 points)
  • Totally Insane!: "Psycho! Awarded for scoring all Perfects in the Insane rank!" (40 points)
  • Triple Trouble!: "Smack! Gained by getting Revenge 3 times in 1 event! Knockout!" (15 points)
  • True Elite!: "The Ultimate Burner! Awarded for nailing all Perfects on Burnout Revenge!" (70 points)
  • Truly Fearless!: "Excellent! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Fearless rank!" (25 points)
  • World Rage!: "Takedown Frenzy! All Road Rage events blitzed with Perfect ratings!" (35 points)
  • Wreck Reckless!: "Amazing! Awarded for getting all Perfects in the Reckless rank!" (15 points)
  • Your Opinion Counts!: "Earned by spreading the word and recommending a Burnout Clip!" (10 points)

In Burnout Revenge for the XBOX 360 you can set up ranked Road Rage events that counts towards your rank. Some players exploit the fact that Criterion forgot to change it so that both teams have to have the same class of cars in ranked events. Basically the host sets up the game so that his team is racing in far superior cars to the other team.

The 25th of every month, at midnight GMT. In the summer (summertime) his is the 26th of every month at 1AM GMT.

Yes, but Burnout Revenge does not support Force Feedback.

No. This must be done online in a ranked or unranked race or road rage.

This achievement description: "King of the Road! Awarded for getting ahead of all 5 rivals in an online lobby!"

To get the achievement you need to be in a full lobby (6 players). I does not matter if the race is ranked or unranked. You must have at least one takedown on all the 5 players in the lobby (green triangle). If you get this during a race you will only get the achievement when you return to the lobby after all the races have completed. If someone quits out on the way back to the lobby you will not get the achievement.

One important thing to note is that you can get this achievement without racing at all. If you are in a lobby with 4 other players that you have takedowns on you will get the achievement if another player joins (the 5th) and you have takedowns against that player.


No. To get this achievement you must perfect all events in the World Tour. This does not include signature takedowns and the challenge sheets.

No. You cannot bring "guests" online in Burnout Revenge.


For your friends to be able to view your clips they need to have Burnout Revenge for the XBox 360.

The Xbox 360 version of Burnout Revenge includes several new features and improves:

  • Improved graphics and sound to utilize the power the XBox 360.
  • 10 new crash junctions.
  • Introduces online Revenge Rivals. This system allows players to keep track of their number of times they have been taken out or have taken out any given player. This number is reset every time the score is settled. Settling the score means that you take down someone that has takedowns on you. The number of times you have settled the score with a player sometimes is displayed before a race is started. When you have settled the score more than 100 times with the same player he or she will become your nemesis.
  • Burnout Clips feature, which allows to save 30 second clips of any offline race played and can be shared your friends. Your friends must have Burnout Revenge to be able to view a clip.
  • All cars are unlocked for online play. You don't have to play the game offline to unlock your favourite car anymore.
  • Removed the launch meter from Crash Mode that was seen in the PS2/Xbox version.
  • No longer seperate ranking for crash and race.
  • Ranked Road Rage events counts towards your rank.
  • Friends can no longer be invited to ranked matches.
  • Downloadable content (7 cars).
  • Start/finish line moved on Lone Peak.
  • Added more boxes, barrels, cones and rubbish on most tracks
  • Fixed various glitches on some tracks. Added some new glitches on other tracks.
  • You actually need to complete the game 100% to unlock the Revenge Racer for offline play. That includes all signature takedowns.


To get this Crash Mode vehicle, just go to Extra Content in the Main Menu, and select the Madden 06 Trailer. As soon as you start the movie, the Madden Challenge Bus will be unlocked.

You cannot invite friends to ranked matches. Make sure that you make the game unranked when you create it. If you want your friend to join you for a ranked race you can send him a message and tell him the name of the lobby you're in.



The following cars can be downloaded for free. Please note that they are not available in all regions.

  • XBox 360 Live Car
  • Alienware Car
  • Dolby Car
  • Monster Car
  • Plantronics Car
  • Spike TV Car
  • Yellowcard Car

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