Online Races - Upcoming Updates

What possible rationale does Criterion give for not allowing you to turn off traffic during the online races once the updates are out??  I CAN'T STAND RACING IN TRAFFIC!!!  Arrrgh.  I also love the 5 race 'rounds' that they are now getting rid of, too.  You can currently make a 1-race round so I don't know why they're taking away the 5 race option!  If you currently don't like to race a 5 race round, don't join the room!!  If they would just allow players to see the 5 races before they start, that should solve the problem.  Anyway, that's my rant for the day. 

I rarely play video games but I am completely addicted to Burnout Paradise - much to the chagrin of my children!!!

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The changes will not stop you from doing 5 rounds of traffic free racing online in unranked games. It is only the ranked races which will be affected by the changes. The reason for this is to make ranked races as fair as possible so the ranking system isn't meaningless.

You will still be able to choose to do multiple rounds and to have traffic on or off if you play a player match/unranked game.

So, no need to get your knickers in a twist too much!

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Does anyone actually do unranked races??

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. . . and stop trying to ruin a perfectly good rant via logic & reason!