i know the third update isdue in july the 10th i have only just got burnout paradise back today would the two other updates be done automaticly

i throught burnout paradise was getting bikes not seen any yet  could some1 let me now thx

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The first update was a quick release bug fix for PS3 only. The 2nd "Bogart" was also pretty much just bug fixes. You should be prompted to download the update when you first insert your disc.

"Cagney" has loads of game changing content (see our story on the front page) and is released on the 10th of July.

The next update after that is "Davies" due in August, this will include motorbikes and a day/night cycle amongst other things.

"Eastwood" or The Island Update is due in the Autumn (fall).

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thx zombietron but i have not been promted to download any updates when i insert my disc


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Maybe somebody else did it while you were away or something.  A way to check and see if you have Bogart is to view the online challenges.  If it tells you that you have x/50 challenges above each sheet, that means that you have Bogart.

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