Stunt mulitplier x38 - aaaargh!

I made it to a x38 multiplier before a stupid crash going for a billboard.... so close and yet so frustrating!  On my way to x40 one day!  At least it clocked a new stunt record of 8.35 million.  I'm getting good at going up parking garages backwards too :-)

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As I play on 360 I didn't have to get 40x to complete the game. Good Luck with that!!!

My main tip with stunt run would be to take it slow and plan ahead. Playing online after Cagney is out might give you some good practice to nail that 40x multiplier too!

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sweeeeet - I got x47 stunt multipliers.  My daughter was too slow on the camera to catch the final score, but she did at least catch me over 40.


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tell me about it i had a x38 too and i forgot to boost for a single second, i was like........(- . -)**