What new cars are included in the Cagney update and how can I unlock them?

The Cagney update includes the following new cars:

  • Hunter Olympus 4x4 - This car can be unlocked in the Calendar event Mount Olympus.  If you win an online Road Rage Event this day you will get to keep the car for ever.
  • Tiger GT - This car will be made available in a future Graduation Weekend event called "Eye of the Tiger".
  • Nakamura Raj-Jin Turbo - This car is only awarded to Criterion Games Elite Forum posters and to a very limted group of "Friends of Criterion". Unless you are in either of these categories you will never be able to get this car. You can however take the car for a test drive if you are lucky enough to join a lobby where the host owns this car. He or she can then setup a race and select the car for everyone.