Paradise Artwork sent to CrashTV

 Hello everyone - this is my first post on

Following my return to the burnout franchise this past month, I was inspired by news of Cagney and Davis coming to the 360 later this month/year. I have always listened to CrashFM and watched CrashTV, so I thought I would produce the below pencil sketch (im holding it up) to send to the criterion team. Fingers crossed it is special enough to warrant being shown on the next CrashTV!

I apologise for the size of the image, but it is the best way to show how big it is in life, and at what scale I worked at. Sketch done in 2 hours using B and HB grades of pencil. Subject is my favourite car in the game - the Montgomery Hawker. 

Hope you like it. 


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That is a really nice drawing! I haven't seen the latest Crash TV so don't know if they have done anything with it yet. But I know the Burnout Team really appreciate it when we, lowly fans, send them cool stuff that we made.

Nice job! and thanks for sharing it with us!

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Shows that they received your picture, they have framed it and it was sitting pride of place on the community sofa.

and Pasties Rock!!

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......What an excellent certainly have a talent in there.....nice one.....


We cant all be PERFECT.....but its fun trying......


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The Hawker is becoming my car of choice. I can control this car better than any other car on Paradise. Keep up the good work.



-The One and Only-


-The One and Only-

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So yeah! amazing it ended up on there. Very kind of em to frame it like that badge someone sent them previously.... hope they mention my screenname on the next one... the preview of the next podcast shows its still on the couch!

brokengearbox... yet still competing!

brokengearbox... yet still competing!