Yup, I'm pretty much done with Criterion

I'm not going to go on a giant swearing spree. Suffice it to say, Criterion better give us SOMETHING PS3 won't have for some time AND not frak up on Davis, or their game is going to the back of my cd case.


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Hey, turn that frown into a smile, because, shyte happens, and there maybe more than meets the eye, with Cagney, so we will just have to wait and see.

Criterion, just like PS3 and Sony more, thats cool, we got extra stuff in our copies of Burnout 2 , I think MS may have done a deal for it, and maybe in the future they will again, I know when another car design/livery comes up going to push for a Burnoutaholics car/or 'skins' to put on serveral cars, since we all drive so many type as a group.

With all that has gone on, Elite status, Boostless cars, no Cagney and other stuff, Criterion aren't seen as the shiney star, but, they do give a damn, for the look of it, money and time spent by both Criterion and Customers, and because they want this game to work, like Bugzilla being used to clean it up with the help from the community, this is a big game, and so new, no one knows where it may really go?

The game is new, the 'open' door policy, the community on this large a scale, not just 'fan sites', they have had 4k worth of sign ups, 'aholic's, has over 500 sign ups, not sure of the other sites linked with this site but not near the same scale as Criterions site, but they are bitting alot of pie, and sometimes it does not go down as well as it could, but they are getting there.

They never did a podcast, or a video cast, until the idea of Paradsie was in code, and a hell of a lot of other stuff, they are taking Burnout to the mainstream, it was always a hidden gem for online play with the olders ones, and took time and skill to get good at them, now with next gen they are bringing it to everyone, that podcast sold all the games in the cannon, and Paradise is sort of the baby steps option for some, no pressure to do any thing, just 'drive about'. And they can progess to the other great modes in the game (still awaiting Cagney so until I try it, I'll go by others say so), with the right group of people its a fun game.

But if they want to push it. And look for some adrenaline (pre Cagney, and some scary AI in the offline races) they can try and bring it in the older games?

When they want to race, they can then go onto Revenge for a great but easy to check the traffic type of fun, or go hard core with Burnout 3 online, and same for Showtimers could go back to the expresso coffee versions of crash with Revenge and BO3, or even split screen BO2 crash mode.

I still stick by my early blogs, and some stuff in Paradsie does need a look at, like TD's, 'room syncing', lag and other niggley bits. But I do enjoy it as a chillout game, but I hope as it evolves into some of the older, spicer flavour it did have, but still new and a bit different.

Oh, and as for it's a 'free update/game changing content/download', as far as I was concerned it should have been in the box from the day of release, but for all others I would have paid a fee anyway, so Island free, nice bonus, Bikes and atmostpheric conditions, paid for, great.

We are a fickle lot, because as a group we are fans of different things like game modes, different versions of the game, different types of players, just different, but we all seem to be speed and crashing 'junkies', and play the games a hell of a lot, hence burnoutaholics.com.

True, there is a console divide, but Criterion removed that very early on, its a game on 3 different platforms, but still only one game. We all have attitudes, but that is built up by the companies themselves, its all Marketing, and choice and choices are what we make, but we don't have to be to nasty about it, because we are all gamers, whatever game, console, part of the planet, race, colour, creed, beliefs, language is used, plus part of the human race to, and I'm in no hurry to win.

Enough Nice, hope you had a laugh Chu, but when people say wahh, I sometimes think, a good burb and all will be well again, though some people really need a nappy change, even at their age.

And Bring on Dag'ney.



Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Yes, I'll play the game to death again once the updates are out. However, with the problems of both Bogart and Cagney, I think it's obvious that they don't spend enough time with the 360. It also doesn't help that they're cocky with their perfection and announce a date before they even submit it.

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Game makers, who are still a small 'company', under the big wing of the only other 'company'.

There is a race between companies for next generation sellers, we have 'media stars' , who are the heads of these 'productions', and they all want a piece of a very big tasty hot pie, or 'cake' as it seems to be Portal's Year.

The updates did not go as planned, and thats very messy 'cake' to clean up!

But its a game built to play on three platforms, and these 'makers' are trying to get the best from all of them, from technology and alsorts of other stuff i could guess at but won't.

They want a great game, built to a standard, and to the guidelines they set up when they first started with the idea, and they have kept to that too, which is scary stuff. New, not done before stuff, and it does not always work outside the office.

These guys got thier break from Sony, and the PS3 was the underdog, for many reasons, but its not a shyte machine either, it can do some stuff, the Xbox hopes to do, and both machines have not even hit thier peaks yet. The sales war will even out, more Xbox's at first, till another machine comes out from them, but PS4 is still 8 years away, from the shop floor, for a reason, it cost money.

Mircosoft had an idea from the 'Man'  who said he wanted a box in every house hold, that brings entertainment in and other stuff, make it so. Not sure of the time scale, but it cost a fortune, and it's paying off, in a very short space of time.

With the speed we go in technology and trends, anything can happen, these are interesting times, and a bunch of game makers in Guilford, are on that ride, just from an idea and wanting to make that idea a game. From day one, with BURNOUT.

As for spending enough time on the 360, well, they are now?

Criterion have a reputaion, but since they are now a bigger target, it's harder to find the dirt, to clean it up, to the point of why worry about it. They are 9 to 5 game/r/makers at the moment well, no not true, but you get what I mean, crunch times are there, bugs can mess up so much, that they have sort of changed how they look at what they do, and how they do, sort of where they do it? When is just a hope, never written in stone until your buried.

So no date can be held accountable with this type of 'game ecosystem'.

You know I was going somewhere with this, Oh, Criterion, they are very tongue and cheek, sort of people, it's a shame some childishness arose, and Criterion, handled it thier way, as it was a first for them too. But as this idea grows and does what it does, it will grow into something very interesting, and I'm going to see where it goes, like Alice and her pills, OK Neo and his pill. She had more than one, she had a couple of bottles, see should have just kept with Alice, she is a chick after all, with pills...

Oh and rant as much as you like, but make it good stuff that don't get moderated/locked or pushed off the page, lol.


Oh and I so wanted to blog this week but found it was not a real problem for me, good /bad news stuff, but why repeat, repeat, repeat......./copy what has been said already in so many many different ways, that it became fun to watch. So sorry to dump it here, when you're dessip, and I do feel for you, but  tough shyte, it happens, and alot more of it when money is involved, whomever printed it. 

Here have a man hug  (O).

It's been a good week, Loved WALL*E, had some fun on the eggbox (is this derogatory), read up on some interesting stuff, like code via MIT, bugging, debugging, some emotional out-bursts, Silence... or I'll bill you, and enjoying the English Summer.

Life's too short, unless you got the time, to fit the crime/punishment, or just plain lazy.

Oh and so wanted to play BO3 with you but Kev's eggcup kept making 'is disk, lag the room up, but not like real lag, it took 'im 10 mins to finish a 2 min race, lol, and 'is lap time was better than mine, and 'e jumped a place too, lol.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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It's technically only 2 systems though. You see a lot of 360 games going to the PC eventually for a reason. Yes, they're adding a bunch of stuff visually, but dude, it's a PC.

The PS4 is most certainly NOT eight years away. Ten year life cycle just means they'll still have devs making games for it. Look at the PS2; 130 games this year.

Fortune? Um, PS3 still costs more. I only have to click on two things in WMP11 and I have all the stuff from my PC (which has a crappy screen) on my HDTV.

You can hardly call it coincidence that they didn't find a major bug in Borgart, and this (what seems like) game breaking bug in Cagney. Total. Bull shine. It also doesn't help that they back themselves into a corner with constantly releasing dates and giving their fans JACK for details. That's really half of it. If they had told us what the bugs were from the start, maybe I wouldn't be giving them crap for not catching it/them. But with this massive of a delay (i realize they had to have MS test it and now send it back again, but still) I'm doubtfull.

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Nice blog SNUFF, you made my eyes bleed again with all your words I had to read. And I agree with everything, apart from a small bit in the middle, I'm not fickle.

This is to all the people who are saying that criterion are giving us FREE content in the first two updates, NO THEY ARE NOT, all this content should have been on the disc from the start,

As I see it c/g were given a release date from EA for paradise and ran way short of time, and rushed a not quite finished game out. The first FREE update should really have been Davis.

But my hat goes off to the team for all the hard work and effort they are putting in.

I'm sure Criterion did there very best with the timescale available to them, But EA being the money grabbing corporate weasels that they are, pushed them for the game on release day.

So let’s hear no more of this free content bollocks, you have already paid for this when you bought the game.

And to all the Criterion zealots out there, take your tongue out there arses, Criterion already know they have some of the best game makers in the world if not the universe. and they know they rock

my dog ate my disc.

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I think tha same with "DLC". or up i'm now tired bye.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?