Ex Dominator Dev team member needs game save

Hi everyone,

I briefly worked on Burnout Dominator a couple of years back and I'd like to video capture a section of the game that I remember but the problem is its going to take me forever to get to it. GameFAQs states that there's a menu damage effect and animation that kicks in in the Front End at 25% and 75% of maximum dominator points.

I don't know if the above access percentages are accurate or what the actual number of Dominator Points is? Can anyone answer that? Better still, does anyone have any game saves close to those points? (It has to be PS2, I can't video capture from PSP). Or, would anyone be interested in playing through the game and making saves just before them?

I have a sealed copy of the PSP version I don't need that I'd be happy to give away in exchange, I'm not sure if it's a regular version or a pre-release, we were handed them when the project finished. If that's of no interest to any of you but someone is happy to help out then let me know and we'll figure out what you'd like in exchange, it would save me a lot of time and that's worth it right now.

My PS2 is a Japanese NTSC model but I know its possible to convert game saves between regions and I can run my PAL copy of Dominator fine with SwapMagic3 so I think that can easily be resolved.

Thanks for any help.

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Xandu has played Dominator on the PSP and wrote this about the screen damage on our FAQ:

When you have completed 25% and 75% of the game you unlock "Menu damage". It is worth zero Dominator Points. It has an interesting and purely cosmetic effect on the game menu screens. You get a puncture mark in your screen with cracks going out of it."

But we don't have it on PS2 (don't have a PS to play it on either) although I am sure someone on the site might, I will send a message to someone who might be able to help you out.

It does a little bit of damage at 25% so that shouldn't take too long to get to... and then at 75% the damage increases.

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Thanks for the quick reply. That would be great, hopefully they'll be interested. I spoke to one of the engineers from the dominator team the other week and he told me he thought Dominator was the hardest in the series to play. I've hardly had time to play it and don't profess to be any good, it would take me forever to get up to the 75% point although I still don't know how many points that is as I've no idea how many Dominator Points there are in the game.