Playstation Trophies NOT Retroactive

To all you PSN players, the Trophy update has been released today, but sadly Criterion were not able to implement them retroactively.

This is what Criterion Games said on their website today:

"Burnout Paradise saves are locked to your profile. We had hoped to use this to retroactively award trophies, but we discovered during testing that this is not possible. You will therefore require a fresh game-save to receive trophies in Burnout Paradise. If you're familiar with PS3 trophies already, you'll recognise that this works in the same way as all other games that have added trophy support post-release."

And Matt Webster added this in the forums this morning:

"As detailed in the post this morning, we tried to make Trophies retroactive, it proved to be impossible, they now behave as per all other Trophy implementations.

You can back up your save, win your trophies and then revert to your older save if that suits you.


Sorry to everybody who was hoping the Trophies would be retroactive, especially to Criterion Games, I know the guys over there have been working hard on this lately and they would be more gutted then most that they were not able to do retroactive Trophies as they first hoped.

But, look on the bright side, this gives you a great excuse to play through the offline game again, and maybe try a speed run! See if you can complete Paradise with the Bike Pack in under 20 hours!!

You can see the whole list of Trophies and the full story at




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Oh how i laughed my socks off when i read all the moaning on the c/g forum, its about time the ps3 fanboys got one up the rear. Some of the clowns over there are acting like it is the end of the world, if it was up to me i would ban the lot of them.

on a brighter note, hands up if you have got all the xbox achievements, rotflmfao..... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

my dog ate my disc.

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 im not gana lie, im a little (annoyed). i figured that i wouldn't have to do this when the trophy update came out. but i figure that everything comes with a price, an i guess in this case the price for the trophies are play the game again...i mean im more then happy to beat the game again but its just that do i feel like putting all that time into some thing in which i've already done. thats just my opinion.

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