Indestructable Cars??

Last night I was watching my roommate doing takedowns in a freeburn marked man session, and a couple of other players had cars that seemed indestructable.  I have no idea what they were, but my roommate was using an Avenger.  In head on takedown's, was always the loser, and at one point, one of these cars was stuck nose to a barrier.  My roommate T-boned it several times at full speed and with boost on, but couldn't take it down.  She tried 4 times, and never a take down.  The cars looked like Camaro Concept cars, or a little like a Mustang. 

Anyone have an idea what these cars might be?  And how does she and I get one.  I am only about 1/3 the way through the game, but she is more than half, I think. 

Thanks for the responses.

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This kind of sounds like a lag issue to me. I've had this happen a couple of times.  What happens is that to you it seems like you crash into the car but in reality the car is not there it is actually just next to you and you don't get the takedown. This is a huge problem in online racing and is on of the main reasons why not many people do ranked racing anymore.

ohhh.. and the car you saw was probably the Carson Steel Wheels or Carson GT Flame. They are really heavy and stong cars.

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