Criterion Games Announcements for New Updates

Criterion Games re-vamped web page includes information about 4 new DLC packs due for release in Spring Next year.

These packs will be announced weekly from the 31st of October through to the 21st of November.

Keep checking back here and at for all the details.

Briefly on the site, this was posted, but has since been removed:

"Next up, we've got The Party Pack, Toys, Car Icons, Big Surf Island, Cops & Robbers and much, much more. Keep checking back" 
There was also mention about an event in London on the 31st of October, could this be a hint that Criterion Games will be at Be The One in Trafalger Square?




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 for some reason all of that has disappeared dunno y    


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The first announcement is:

Paradise Party

Read my story for more details!

Crash TV 11 is out now too, with more details of the Party Pack, I have downloaded it from ITunes but wont be able to watch it until after work!

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Quote from Alex Ward over at Criterion Games forums:

Re: Eastwood ain't coming soon...

New postby AlexW@Criterion on Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:53 pm

The Island will be out next year.

The other Packs will hit before the Island will.

Apologies to anyone who is disappointed by that, but we've being extremely busy. It's certainly not easy adding significant content to a game once it's been released. It's one of the main reasons you'll see few teams offering a lot of content. Every single time we make a change we risk completely breaking everything, so that's why we have to do a lot of testing and checking.

I've said it before and I'll say it again (as most people fail to understand the importance of this point) - once some game content leaves our office it's usually around a minimum of THREE MONTHS before anyone outside of Electronic Arts, Microsoft or Sony Computer Entertainment will receive it on their console.
Even then, it's subject to the schedules of the format holders themselves (that's Sony and Microsoft) and they make the actual decisions as to when things will be released.

I was reading the forums of the Pandemic guys the other day and they were taking a lot of flak from players who mistakenly believed that a switch could be magically flicked somehow and content would be released for their game. Delays happen, and once they do, it's rarely the developer who is at fault.

So it seems like the Island could still be a way off yet, and not January 2009 as I thought it may have been. I picked up MC:LA in the duty free, and I have Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and will be getting Mirror's Edge and others too... so Paradise may well be shelved for some time. (although I will jump on if there looks like there is a good room going!)