Paradise Party Pack!

Paradise Party

WOW!! OK so the first of the four new packs to be announced is Paradise Party. A new party mode where up to 8 players can take turns on the same console. This is a new game mode for when you have your mates around, it's a pass the controller party game. You can select 3 different types of challenge, Stunt, Speed or Skill.

This is a paid for premium update, the first paid for content to be announced for Burnout Paradise. It has not been announced how much this will cost. The Party Pack will be available for download from February 2009.

There will also be extra Trophies and Achievements to unlock with this pack.



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What a fantastic idea. In the room challenges is the only thing missing from Paradise City and this look like an excellent addition to what is shaping up (for me at least) to be the best value I've ever gotten out of a game.

Now all I've got to do is gets me some o' them there fancy friend things.

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....The only way to have a true friend...Is to be one....

This year, Criterion have transformed Burnout Paradise through downloadable content.  They have already released there codenamed Cagney and Bikes packs, loaded with amazing new gameplay and for the first time ever: motorcycles! They have also just announced there awesome new Party Pack.

These innovations are all available to existing Burnout Paradise players. (Cagney and Bikes are FREE right now!  Party will be available in Feb '09.)

But, if you haven't got Burnout Paradise [like me lol] or you're not an online-connected player, then dont worry criterion wanted to give you the chance to join in the fun!

So, today theyve announced Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box – a new packaged game for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and for the first time ever – on the PC!  That's right, PC players will finally be able to experience a Burnout game, and criterion have been working hard to make sure that it's something very special indeed.

The Ultimate Box will be available in Feb 2009 and will contain the original Burnout Paradise, including Codenamed Cagney and Burnout Bikes, and also Burnout Paradise Party plus a mountain of new refinements.

Pretty similar to the Buzz game that's coming out this month. So how much is this going to cost?....thats the question that will be on every burners lips?....and will it be worth it? I guess well just have to wait and see...

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Good for them. I know a few people who are not connected to Live and feel that they miss out on a lot of the online content. I think Paradise, with Criterions commitment to delivering quality DLC and a thriving online community, has had a lot of positive word of mouth built around it and taking the effort (and lets face it the commercial risk) to basically repackage a game that has already sold well shows respect to their fans and the XBL-free community.

Criterion really does lead the way in treating their customers fairly!

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The Party Pack is now available at a cost of 800 MS Points on Xbox 360, this is about £6.80 in real money.

This is the same as a lot of Xbox Live Arcade games.

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Two new achievements yo! I'm totally wasting 800 points so I can get them.