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Make more out of the challenges! Although the bike pack was a significant update, the challenges seemed very "tacked" on. Meeting up at point A then riding 50 yds to point B to do a jump, not much of a challenge.

Was discussing this the other night in a room and the general ideas floating about were to make more use of the map especially for timed challenges. For example, 8 player challenge, either cars or bikes: You all meet at the starting point as per the norm, lets say the Observatory, 2nd part of the challenge ( and this is where teamwork and communication would play the part ) you all split up and have to race to 4 key points on the map. 2 riders/drivers have to finish at say the Coastguards, 2 at the baseball stadium, 2 on top of the Angus Wharf car park and 2 in the Downtown Park. All within a set time limit.

Obviously ive just pulled locations off the top of my head but you get the idea. Ive never understood why 2 - 8 players always have to run for the same finishing spot when the map is so big. I for one would definately pay for DLC if it contained plenty of new challenges. Your thoughts?

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What a good idea. it never even crossed my mind to send drivers/riders in different directions to a specific point. or you could reverse that starting plyers in 4 seperate locations and meeting together at 1 single point, the most rubbish drivers could take the easiest route and the more advanced players take the more complex route. lets hope we get something along these line in the DLC.

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It could also make the challenges 3 steps instead of 2.

So, we all meet up somewhere, then have to get to different destinations, getting Billboards, barrel rolls, flat spins, oncoming, reverse distance or some other challenge along the way.

It would require more communication and team work too!

I hope the TBA GCC pack will have more challenges as for me, the timed challenges with timed challenge leaderboards is the best thing about Burnout Paradise online!

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I jumped on Paradise last night and joined a random room for a change and it was constantly full of people who had just got the game. Im finding this a lot now and after chatting with a few of them it seems like the challenges really are a big draw. More so the cars as well rather than the later addition of bike challenges. I read a few posts on the old official forums a while back stating that Paradise on the 360 was a ghost town with no rooms etc. Def not the case from what ive seen. Whenever i host an "open" it always fills up and im always having people yell out "can we do some challenges". So yeah, i really hope CG throw a nice challenge pack our way soon because out of all the DLC they could offer i think it would be challenges that secure the longevity of the game overall :)


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