FIRST POST-Psn users

 Hi this is my first post and i creted account 33weeks ago lol


i was just wondering how many ps3 users there are here as i have been told that the site is more for 360 users?


i live in the uk, south west in trowbridge incase there is anyone else from around here who wants to play

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We welcome all Burners! I think we have a rep for being 360 biased cos The Creator and I are both on 360, but we do have our fair share of PS3 members too!

Welcome to BurnoutAholics, thanks for finally sharing after 33 weeks!

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lol thanks for the welcome. i setup the account but then forgot i had it.

also as to my other comment at the bottom of the post i was wondering if any BurnoutAholics getogethers are held anywhere near me

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I have had some meet ups in the South West, Bristol, Gloucester and Tiverton.. so you never know!

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Eezo should host a Burnoutaholics meet up here in the US cus all the meet-ups are in the UK all the time....


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