A Small Pool to Pick From

We definitely need to play more people... Seeing how the pool of racers just keep dwindling, its seems more and more stuff is just popping on youtube, created by certain racers just to either make fun of the same people they race on a constant daily basis... or Maybe cause it just that everyone knows each other and its just a way to joke and kid around with each other on a daily basis... God knows.. I will say tho that I did enter a room yesterday and one racer was particularly upset about people making up videos of him... He stated it was funny the first time, the second time, the third time.....but after a while its just degrading... Makes you wanna delete people in your list and stop playing some altogether doesnt it? i mean afterall.... thats just being an ass to keep it going...

A series of vids has been popping up on youtube created by a certain NeroAngelo....which isnt me... I have no probs with it because personally I dont have the time or energy to make these vids or look at them.. but what Iam concerned about is that because its under my name, people will think Im the one creating these and being an ass for creating these vids.. Of course I already know Its Silky or Roonige creating them..

So maybe its definitely that people are doing this because the pool of racers now is small and its even smaller for fast racers....and the smaller it is, the more shit flying and throwing occurs. I did realize tho that yesterday as I looked into my FR list, I only see 4 people playing Revenge... but I played in a group or racers I dont normally race with yesterday and interestingly enough, one says I have 20 people playing Revenge right now.. Wow, there is definitely a group of people playing out there that I havent played yet, maybe a far more interesting group, maybe a better group... Maybe cause weve been so caught up in our little clicks...Maybe its time to find them..


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well me personally ive had no problems finding a room or a race, and everytime ive created a room its filled up pretty quick, i guess it all boils down to who your prepared to race. and these you tube clips, i agree at first they were funny, but now theyve just got boring, and yeah it has put certain people of playing in certain rooms.. hooray for party chat then no one can record you..unless you choose to have a party chat with the creator himself...

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Rofer's response:

"Lol that person couldn't be roonige or silky, because they make fun of both of them. Although mabey that is just to throw people off. If you want to race the best "click" of people to race on revenge then check out my friends list. If not, and you just want to make new friends then why are you playing xbox? Make some real friends instead of trying to be friends with some noobs."

 - I would have responded to this in the xbox forums if I wasnt working today.. I dont honestly care if its Roonige or Silky or GT... As far as I know, theyre the only ones that create vids on a daily basis that it has come to the point for me that it doesnt matter if they say someone else did it, I didnt, either way you look at it..... theres only three choices to pick from.... it is ONE OF THEM... So even if they try to put something to throw people off, that they didnt do it.... The way I see it, ONE OF THEM still did it....

But of course, I dont have any problems with Silky, Roonige, or GT.. I think theyre all cool guys, fast racers, and each of them have earned my respect. Im guilty of talking shit everynow and then and maybe just joking around with them, but in the end.... I still hold these three to high standards over other racers. Same goes for you Rofer, Dogg, Dark, Waterball, Tig...ect and a very few others.... I def wouldnt mind hanging out with them in process, real life or online...

As for looking at your friends list... I know the same exact people you have on Revenge.. like I said the same people, same clicks..ect.. I do think your missing the point however, because the point is not to race with the same people but to actually find other people to race with... I have online acquaintances and offline friends. Theres a difference in finding friends versus looking for acquaintances to have friendly competition and racing with...


Silky's Response

"The group of racers that we have on Revenge cant get any better, there are so many skilled people in our group, if people are searching for new racers/friends all your going to find is handicap, im happy with the people I already know. "

- And theres nothing wrong with having the same group of people to race with. And your right, youd probably just find handicap in the process of meeting other racers.. Im not asking you to look for other people to race on a constant daily basis, just suggesting that maybe we should broaden our experiences more... maybe then, maybe, just maybe... All the shit talking in the group may go away.....


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I agree with you Nito, I think we should all try to broaden our horizons.

I pretty much always play with the same small group of people, and although new people occassionally join that group, I have not ventured outside of it for quite a long time.

I think the main reason for this is the silence of a lot of rooms that I join when none of my friends are about.

Hardly any of my friends list play Revenge on a regular basis anymore, and even less play Paradise or Takedown. So, maybe it is time for me to introduce myself to random rooms again, and get back my Takedown reputation for being a serial room hopper.

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So sick of playing this game anyways that i hardly feel motivated to race with anybody. If i do want to race then i don't know why i would waste my time racing with handicap. It just depends on what kind of gamer you are i guess if you play to meet a bunch of people like nito then race in any room you want noone is stopping you. If you play for the hardcore compitition like me then racing people who aren't the best feels like a waste of life. If however there was a new burnout revenge, then i would love to race with and meet new racers because we would all be on the same level. Most likely it would be the same exact group that would turn into the best again though so for the most part i would still be racing with them.

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Hey Nero.... I think I know what your talking about, when you say racing new people. Everytime I make a new gamertag, and I'm playing revenge I race with noobs to get its rank down. I race with everyone really, and when my rank gets get down to normal, the people I get to race becomes really short. The only reason I dont join other rooms is because I know i will get kicked. And I'm not the one making the videos btw.... but I do like them. But yeah racing other people is cool, even if they are noobs. And that youtube page is silky's... I know that now for sure.


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I know it was either Silky, Roonige, or You... Personally it doesnt matter, cause like I said I have no problems with you three. I did try racing with some people I didnt know earlier.... Room was quiet.... Felt out of place... Seemed slow.... Handicap.... Yeah, It was like that for the most part....its not bad or good, just different. On the plus side, I did enjoy using a 190 car to beat up some 209s.... Was kind of fun... Interesting challenge tho considering those people I raced are all "Super" racers, yeah like Super Good.... I was gonna say "Savage" but I realized that belonged to another set of racers... LOLOLOL....


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Did U not see any racers on Burnout Because U removed everybody?