Mugshot / smugshot trophy with "ordinary" USB webcam


I am a new poster although I have read through almost the entire forum. Now I would like your help with something!

I have a USB camera (driverless) that works PERFECTLY with my PS3. However when playing Burnout paradise I have not yet been able to send a mugshot or smugshot (I've only taken down people - friends and not on my friendslist). According to the description of the trophy - a PS3 camera OR an USB camera should work with this so I really don't know what I am doing wrong?

Has anyone in the forum succeeded in getting this trophy with an ordinary USB webcam?

It's reeeeaaaally frustrating not to get that trophy (and the platinum for all trophies) :-(

Thank you for any help you can give!

p.s. If you're a serious burnout player and would like to help a fellow player in challenges - please add me on psn (ID= Mayu2000)


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Hello and welcome to BurnoutAholics!

I am on 360, but I know that you should definitely be able to get the achievement on PS3 with any USB cam. Have you looked at your cam settings in the game, they are in Option in the Under The Hood menu. Make sure the camera feed is ON.

Can you take a photo for you license with your cam? because that is a good way to check your cam is working OK with the game.

Good Luck!


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Thanks for your quick reply ZombieTron!

I have tried different things now for a week and can still not get it to work. My camera is recognized by the PS3 and I can make adjustments in the XMB but when starting BP, no camera. Checked live feed (it's on). I cannot take a photo for the license.

So question to the community:
Have any one got this to work on the PS3 and if so - did you have to do anything out of the ordinary?

Thanks in advance for any input! :-)

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it's not that easy zombietron, as long as it doesn't require drivers it might work but not even all plug and play ones work i've heard you need to check they are uvc compatible but i just went out and bought a ps2 eye toy (cheap on ebay) after trying several webcams that didn't work

mayu2000's picture I have 100% trophies!

But I did have to go out and buy the Playstation Eye.
It wasn't cheap, but hey - I can use it for LBP as well and my son (3 yrs)enjoys playing with it very much.

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oh well! at least you got it now! I am glad I bought my Xbox Live vision cam, it does add to the whole experience, although I don't use it very often.

Xbox has no options to use a USB cam, PS3 should provide a list of compatible cams really, I always assumed any USB cam would work.

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tbh a few people have created lists of ones that work because sony hasn't provided such a list i guess there's just too many that do and don't, i've heard the best cam for the ps3 is the xbox live vision which is just comical as it's intended for the 360