Criterion Forums Gone?

Hey people, I'm new around these parts and wanted to say hi! I also have a question I need answered, and I think this might be the right place to find it. When I go to Criterion's website, the link to their forums is gone from their webpage. Also, when I type in I get this message:

404 - Not Found

The requested URL /forum/viewtopic.php was not found on this server.

Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80

Is there anyone else having this problem? Or did Criterion actually close their forums down for good? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. :)

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The forums have been closed by Criterion Games, this is my blog which tells you all about it:

Criterion Forums are Now Closed

Welcome to BurnoutAholics! Enjoy your stay!

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Ahh thank you very much. I wasn't sure what was going on, but now I do. It's a shame really because the very few posts I had there were always to kindly request some help, or offer some assistance in some way. I never could understand how some people could be complete asshats and sleep at night...

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i think the forums shud come back as it was the only place where CG could get direct feedback and see what the players are saying. Another thing shud be that you can only speak burnout related and they shud ban people who are being distruptive and abusive, CG shud put out a application for mods so if they are busy community mods can sort them out, What do you think guys. Mods of the community, which in my opinion will be better and alot more effective.

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^ already been mentioned directly to cg from some former elites and they rejected the idea, and they can still get feedback by viewing operation burnout, burnout aholics and roadcru as guests which i'm sure they do from time to time as alex made reference to other forums in his statements, fair play to them tho they did have to put up with alot of shit. If the forum is gone for good so be it, If it were to ever come back it would just be a bonus imo.

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A place where criterion could get support from the paradise fanboys whilst deleting anything that doesn't have to do with paradise even though the majority of burnout games are not paradise. Criterion are evil evil people.

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tbh we don't know them so we can't really judge them or there actions, they started to be so strict because people were abusing the forum and other priviliges

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We do know they are completely biased, because when anybody would even mention "revenge" we would automatically get our posts deleted and even got banned. They would not tolerate anything except for the supportment of burnout paradise and that is just not right as i and many others believe.

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There was a whole forum for Revenge within the Criterion Games forum where you were completely free to discuss Revenge to your hearts content.

But posting "Paradise Sucks, Revenge is waaay better" or posts to that effect on the Burnout Paradise forums were not tolerated as they are trying to sell the game to as many people as possible and they did only like the positive feedback, or some constructive criticism if it was about bugs etc.

Criterion Games are not evil, they just want to promote their current game, not a game that is last gen and not playable online on PS3. I wonder why they didn't do a port of the 360 Revenge to PS3??

Please don't bash CG, they made some great games, and if you didn't love those games you wouldn't be here.

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I posted in the revenge forum before i even started going in the paradise forum. I made a topic explaining my whole burnout situation. Then after about two months they deleted everything that had to do with revenge ( especially in the revenge section!!) How is it that they make an entire section for burners like me then they don't even want anybody to use it?? because there biased assholes.

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I think Criterion Games handled the forums badly from day 1, (maybe not day 1, as it did start quite promisingly and it was great to have direct contact with CG, but there should have been FAQ stickies and better moderation when the forums  got more populated) and they could have handled it a lot better... but I do understand why they deleted negative posts about Paradise regardless of what forum they were in.

The whole forum was cleared out, not just the Revenge section, and many good posts were lost in the cause to get rid of the rubbish on the forums.

If I recall correctly the Revenge forum was still there til the end, but ofcourse any negative posts about Paradise were removed.

If people posted on here saying how much they hate BurnoutAholics and wished we all still posted on BurnoutElite because BurnoutAholics is sh*te in comparison, I would probably get out the ban hammer and delete all of those posts too!

I think if you were just LOVING Revenge without HATING on Paradise there wouldn't have been a problem.


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Yeah mabey i was always on a bit of the negative side with paradise but really the diddn't need to delete everything they just needed to have better moderators. Even though i was always dissing on paradise, i diddn't mean for it to come across so negatively but honestly i couldn't help myself it was just my best instincts taking over my opinion for me and it felt good to get the way i really felt across. But i guess i am just too much for criterion.

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now that you've put it like that rofer i see what you mean as the same kinda thing used to happen if people mentioned anything to do with ranked racing on paradise, quick question on revenge do you hit cars before they appear ?, hit invisble bumps that haven't been smoothed over etc ? do traffic cars lag through the air if some one with a bad connection traffic checks one ?

if the answer to those question is no revenge sounds great and i might get a 360 just for the experience, traffic and problems in bp seems to get worse with each update for some strange reason

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 The answer to that question is no. Revenge is better than all other video games in my opinion. Hope you enjoy it!