Hello all!

New to the forums and just wanted to say hi! Just got a PS3 as an early Xmas present and a copy of Burnout Paradise and couldn't be happier!!! So stoked about the game that I ran out and bought Burnout Dominator for my PSP! Any suggestions on which other Burnout games are must haves?


P.S. - I am a recovering NSF addict and find this game series 100000% more satisfying. I'm an avid online racer so please feel free to add me under my PSN ID which is Rumblefish64 (the 64 is there to denote the fact that I'm an old guy. Come on , challenge a senior citizen, heh? You might get lucky!). See you on the track!

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Burnout 3 and 360 Revenge are the best games in the series for pure racing action IMO. I imagine you don't have a 360, so just get your hands on Burnout 3 - it's definitely worth it.


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Ah, but I do have a 360 in the house (actually belongs to my son - the Playstations have always been mine), just haven't played with it much. Wasn't aware there were any Burnout games for the 360, though. Will have to check them out, and thanks for the recommendation!