Airtime Glitch?

Ive seen people get over 1,000 seconds of airtime!!. when i looked on the map they were on 1st street, around the bridge. if anyone knows how to do this please let me know!


Evasion-Lv6's picture

i got 17 seconds by wild cats once, they probably did something simmilar there are a few edges in the game you can kinda hang half on half off so you car is kinda hanging/balancing but sometimes it's hard to stay put you either fall off or get respawned try using edges of ramps in the area you saw him on the map but 1,000 seems alot maybe his game crashed whilst he was in mid air lol and it just kept counting for people still in the room

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ill try ur way, but i think 1 hung off  and the other pushed him off the bridge... BOOM 1000