I Need help with 2 Timed challenges

 Hi, I'm Davide28, i'm an italian player(so, my english isn't 100% correct :D) and fan of burnout series.

I have 100 % on cars and bikes.

But i have only 350/490 Challenges.

now i have 68/70 bikes challenges. Two left

These are 8 players timed challenges, Driven hoopy & Fly under

Now, i need 7 guys who can help me, because, in freeburn, i've founded only stupid guys....


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as quite a lot of the active posters here are on Xbox 360 and not PS3 you might have more luck putting your request up as the Burnout Online forum over at Operation Burnout:


They definitely have more active PS3 users then we do, and lots of members who are helpful with challenges.

Good Luck!