I have found discovered what the "secret" Boost Special car is!

On criteriongames.com, it hasnt been released what the next "boost special" car is,

Buuuuuuuuuut, through THIS video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmQWkoRi5zo&eurl=http://www.criteriongames.com/index.php
-You can find out what it is!

Some of you may not like the one already announced, the hot rod, but this one seems to be a Hawker Solo stlyed one! And that car does seem to be popular lol.

Heres what you do to see the car: watch the video, then pause at 1:01, and you will see next to the picture of the Hot Rod, the hawker solo-ish car

And if you ask me it looks pretty tight, can't wait to drive it! :D

P.S. If this is already known, then don't blame me for not knowing, well, maybe you can, but for those who don't, you should check it out. :D

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Is apparently the name of this car.

I am still a little disappointed that the boost specials pack is only 2 cars. I guess it will be the cheapest of the packs tho as there isn't much content. I still don't really know what is so special about these 2 cars either... I guess CG will tell us more closer to the date.

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Whoa, how'd you know about the name? Am I missing something? lol

well anyway, they do have a lot of other cars they're releasing, dont forget about that

And apparently something about the boost is differant, probably the way in which you accumulate it, though, its pretty tough to come up with a way to get boost not already covered by the other 3 classes, if it's even like that at all.

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Mentions the Hawker Mech and Toy Bike, there are quite a few trophies for the new Premium DLC packs, I am not sure yet how many Xbox Achievements are going to be added.
Originally Posted by PS3 Trophies.co.uk

Win a Stunt Run in the P12 88 Special
Awarded for winning any Offline Stunt Run driving the P12 88 Special

Light up the Manhattan Spirit during an Online Challenge
Awarded for using the flashing lights of the Manhattan Spirit during an Online Freeburn Challenge or Timed Challenge

Score a Boost Chain of x3 in the GT Nighthawk
Awarded for achieving a Boost Chain of x3 driving the GT Nighhawk

Sound the horn on a Silver Lake Super Jump in the Cavalry Bootlegger
Awarded for sounding the horn and successfully landing a Super Jump in Silver Lake driving the Cavalry Bootlegger

Survive a Marked Man in the Extreme Hot Rod
Awarded for winning any Offline Marked Man driving the Extreme Hot Rod

Complete a Timed Challenge using all 3 Boost types in the Hawker Mech
Awarded when you complete any Timed Challenge driving the Hawker Mech having used all 3 boost types

Win a Race in a Toy Car
Awarded for winning any Offline Race driving any of the Toy Cars

Barrel Roll a Toy Car in the Airfield
Awarded for successfully landing a Barrel Roll in the Airfield driving any of the Toy Cars

Complete a Bike Timed Challenge using the Toy Bike
Awarded when you complete any Timed Challenge using the Toy Bike


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Well that was a pretty big giveaway, lol. You sorta gotta wonder if Criterion did it on purpose.

Whoa, "all three boost types"? I guess that's what the "special" kind of boost they got in those legendary cars is, well at least for the Mech, cant wait to see how that works, lol

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just check out that video and those gay bright pinky purple barrel rolls criterion is it the ressession or what ''lets make everything happy and sweet '' ????? ''Pretty colours'' get stuffed boo hiss SELL OUT

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and what has that to do with the Boost Specials?

Plus, don't you think "Party" relates to colors in some way? I mean yeah, it is a bit over done, but it shouldn't really matter

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i like the sound of these cars and to have one styled on the hawker is cool but both of these cars have been based on stunt cars so maybe the way you get boost is based on stunts, just me going off on a wacky thought but which ever way you get boost it sounds good to me, and im sure when the do release these they will be fun to drive 

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the pack is called the boost special featuring to cars a hotrod with a new blue boost which allows you to hit the boost button and let go meaning you dont have to hold it down and kill your thumb but at a cost once on it never goes of unless you crash making the car uncontrolleball, that being said it is one of the fastest cars in the game and can also achieve wicked flat spins barrel rolls and air time the other car known as the hawker mech has a colour changing aray of neon lights all over the car depending on what boost type your in the ability to choose youre boost makes the mech the only car you will need in the game changing the boost doesnt affect the car in any way other than making it easier to gain boost and use it slower meaning stuntruns can last and once more if someone attacks you when your 200million points up  then simply switch boost smash em to bits and be on your way the cars may seem pointless to some people but i beg to differ the cars handel great and look cool.