Party Pack is a riot

When it was announced I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but it is a ball of fun.

If you don't believe it's competitive, here's a video for you

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but I do really wish it was an Online game as well as an Offline one.

I'm sure Xandu and I will have fun playing the Party Pack together when we are back in the same country. And, we do occassionally have other people around who might be interested in playing.

I'm almost sold...

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Since I have no IRL friends (well...none that play computer games, generally speaking, let alone console games), the Party Pack is wasted on me. I wish, too, that the events could be run in an online mode. Who knows...maybe with enough people asking for it, it's something they could do. You never know what they can do, or will do, until you ask them.

You you, not you in general. I'm not gonna ask...not


No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

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Why do people who have supported the game from the start having to purchase the party pack, whilst those who are now buying it at a cut down price of £24.99 getting the pack for free? I'm voting with my feet and not buying it. I appreciate previous updates have been free and future updates will be paid for, but why not help those who alreay have the game before 1.6 and give the Party Pack for us too?




There is no point in getting for me, as all my Burnout friends are online. 

teh caek iz mien

teh caek iz mien

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 In a way the things you do in the party pack are similar to the online challenges.

So do we just plead for some reverse steering online challenges

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Being new to the series its a must have add on !!!