Anyone else here unlucky enough to nab the toy and boost packs?

I am one of those "lucky" few that got all the packs. I was all geared up for the Legendary cars, and got on while I was getting my kids ready for school, saw all the packs were there, and jumped on it knowing M$ messed up yet again. I honestly really wish I hadn't. Now I have nothing to look forward to for only Criterion knows how long, not to mention the fear of losing the ability to play online at any moment. I haven't even messed around with the legendary cars that much because of it. Plus, once wind gets out that I have the toy cars, especially in the afternoon, people(kids) bug the hell out of me to show them every single one I guess Criterion can look at it as advertising...

The main reason I haven't messed with the Legendary cars that much is that I'm a Hotrodder. I used the Hotrod for everything. So the Carson Extreme Hotrod(The Ratrod)... Oh man....To all you Hotrodders out there, just wait till you get your hands on the Extreme 

2 small gripes though(very small)I'm hoping they give the legendary, toys, & boost cars multiple finishes. Also, the Nighthawk...couldn't we L3 for the lights and sound instead of only while using boost?

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You shouldn't have to worry about losing the ability to play online. They only thing that motivates something like that is if you violate the game in the extreme.... and you have of course done nothing wrong at all. There probably won't be enough time to patch the cars out of the game either as the cars will probably be out within a month or something like that (considering that Microsoft already had them ready for download and that 1.7 support them).

It will be very good advertising for Criterion indeed. Seeing someone else have something in a game will only make you want it even more.


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I was in a room with a few friends who had all the packs yesterday... and I'm still not convinced I want to buy any of them... but anyway...

I don't think you have to wait that long, rumour has it that the Island will be with us in May, which is only 2/3 short months away.

You wont lose the ability to play online, so you can relax about that one! Afterall it's not your fault you were able to buy the packs early and you have now paid good money for them, it would be very harsh for CG to blame the players for taking advantage of being able to get the packs early. Also, Craig stated on his twitter that you can keep the packs, and by showing them online it will probably sell more packs for them when they do release.

If you don't want to get hassled to show them online tho.. just stick to the legedary cars or boost specials cos at least there are only 2 of those!!

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I love my Toy GT Concept!!

Can't wait to get the rest.

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 I am a bit jealous that I missed out on this.  The one time I'm on vacation and can do whatever I want, I miss a nice opportunity to get some sweet new cars before they're even officially released...

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Yeah, I had the opportunity to buy them (was actually up that early in anticipation of the Legendary cars, but thought I would go back and get them after trying the Delorean... but they were gone. :(

Oh well, I can wait like everyone else.