paradise city

whats you favourite part of the city at this point in time before eastwood update?

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sorry big surf island

i got to rank 1000 in 5 mins

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 There's a place up in Silver Lake, off of... East Crawford, I think it is.  Go through the large tunnel and make a right, and keep going, looking over at your left for a red helicopter.  If you pass a Super Jump, you've gone too far.

There's just something I like about that place... there's the helicopter, the nice view, the peace and quiet...

The helicopter never takes off, the propellers just spin endlessly.  But nonetheless, I wish I could get out of the car and take a ride in the helicopter for a view of the scenery- the trees, the mountains- and then maybe Downtown from a new angle.

Wow, how un-Burnout of me.   It's a game with cars that go over 200, and I'm too busy caring about a helicopter that I'll never ride...