P12 88 Special just changed.

P12 88 Special has changed performance.  

Very slow on turns when in hover mode, can't do sharp halts when in hover mode anymore.

Way around it is just before you get to a wall go back into car mode and use e-brake then when you start to pull up put back into hover mode.


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The problem you are having is a glitch in the game, and can be done accidently, or on purpose (SUFF), if you get the car in this state it is the fastest car in the game. If you make sure you pick the 88 special first when you start the game, the car should be as the game intended with a working e-brake and not going into hyperspeed.

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I had that happen to me once, but I didn't notice that it was going all that fast, I was just annoyed by the lack of e-brake.  I'll have to be on the lookout for that the next time it happens.


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ive never had this happen to me, but you said you can do it purposely.... how would you do that cuz i want to see how fast it goes like that.