What is your Favourite Toy Vehicle

Toy Hunter Cavalry
4% (6 votes)
Toy Carson GT Concept
22% (34 votes)
Toy Jansen P12
18% (29 votes)
Toy Hunter Citizen
9% (15 votes)
Toy Krieger Racing WTR
6% (10 votes)
Toy Hunter Takedown 4x4
16% (26 votes)
Toy Hunter Manhattan
5% (8 votes)
Toy Carson Inferno Van
2% (3 votes)
Toy Firehawk and Toy Rider
17% (27 votes)
Total votes: 158



U guys forgot to put two toy

U guys forgot to put two toy cars....toy gt nighthawk and toy p88 special...They two are my favorite ones.


Old Poll

This poll was written with the release of the Toy Pack, before the legendary cars were made Toy with Big Surf Island, which is why they are not included.