Time Road Rules not showing in-game

hi, i have BP Ultimate for PC. i do not play online mode at all. 
i am a long way into the game now and have never seen Time Road Rules showing for each street in-game _except for Bikes_. 
all i have ever seen is the street name and player/amount for Showtime Road Rules. 
the game options menu allows me to see Time or Showtime Road Rules, along with the drivethroughs and events. 
i never want to have to do any Showtime events at all but i do want to do the Time Rules. how do i get it to show Time instead of Showtime while i am driving along?? 
i think i have the 1.01 patch. 


EDIT: i just found out there is a patch 1.6 but can't find where to download it. do i have to do that in-game? 


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 so does anyone know how to play the Time Rules? it's rubbish without the HUD to show you what is going on. 

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You have to press up on the D-pad to cycle between the green road signs, Time Road Rules, Showtime Road Rules and online Road Rules.

If you go to the control config on PC you should be able to allocate this toggle switch to any key.. however as I dont play on PC I do not know this for sure.

Good Luck!

By the way, you already have v1.6 with the Ultimate Box so you dont need to download it.

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 thanks :) i'll have a look for which one it might be.