ult box pc saves files locations?

I just "downgraded" from vista to xp, im launching burnoutparadise.exe from my external where its installed, i enter my id and pass, but its like its a fresh game. 1 car, 2 bikes.. Anyone knows where are the save files located? I wouldnt like to redo all the races.. I was close to 100%. Thanks.

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XP: C:\Documents And Settings\<User>\Local( Settings)\AppData\Criterion Games

There are hidden folders which need to be unhided.

Vista: C:\Users\<User>\Local\AppData\Criterion Games

Also hidden folders.

Those may differ since my WinXP is German.


BP PC gamer. IGN: PhotonKitsune

BP PC gamer. IGN: PhotonKitsune

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same folder structure under vista english version. Thanks.