Dj Atomika Stopped Working

I am currently playing Burnout Paradise on PC, came out a few weeks ago in Australia. Anyway, DJ Atomika has stopped working for me. Doesn't matter if I turn on or off "Tips" in options, he still does not work. He used to say something new as soon as I started the game and drove out of the Junkyard, but now, nothing. I have my Burnout licence and currently sitting on 89% of the game completed. Some sites saying that he turns off after you get the Burnout Licence and others say it should always stay on. Can anyone help me out?


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Hello there, hope you enjoy the game =)

I myself play the game on PC too and i can confirm that atomica stays silent now for me too, but i dont know since when that was, it could very well be that it was since the Burnout license.

The why: Atomica acts a kind of "guide" to the game, when you get the burnout license you have "beaten" the game to a fair ammount offline, so there isnt much more on tipps atomica could give you.

I would also think that criterion has put just a limited ammount of sound samples in the game and each is played once, and if all are through atomica stays silent.

But i think atomica is still to hear on some events online (races) but i am not sure now when or where.

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DJ Atomika does go away after a while. If you want to hear him again you will have to start the game from scratch!

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Thanks for your replies :)

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np have fun =)

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Zombie hit it right on the head.

But Zombie, you missed one thing. When CG brought out Davis and Cagney, they added in new announcements for DJ Atomika..

Will we see a triumphant return from DJ Atomika once the Island is relased? Time will tell.

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 Dang, right when I start to like the guy, he never talks anymore.

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shes pretty hot, but they are now getting real people to do it, so pick your second, if you want in oh and find your own link, i saw it at a train station, but google is your friend, now what would googles voice sound like?


Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?