F1 car nice colouring how?

Hi guy's, couple of questions.

I have come across a couple of BP racers that have there F1 cars some nice fluorescent colours.  I dont see any options in the junk yard to get these colours. What gives?

Is there any rights issue's we me taking snapshots of my cars in spots around paradise and post then on flickr and the likes?



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There are two Indy-Cars (those aren't F1-Cars since F1-Cars look different):

The Racing WTR - basic version; has customizable paintjob (plus gold/platinum)

The PCPD Special - Burning-Route version; has only three finishes (plus gold/platinum)

So, if you want to have a more colorful car you'll have to stick to the Racing WTR. Also, to choose colors you'll have to repair the cars first, of course, just like always.

About screenshots: Yes, you can. But so far I'd only know about using a 3rd-party program like Xfire or Fraps, or just the Print-button and then copy-paste into MS Paint...


BP PC gamer. IGN: PhotonKitsune

BP PC gamer. IGN: PhotonKitsune

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I have gold/platinum paint job. I am talking about the racers on live, Coxy rox and el-jary.

They have some cool unquie colour jobs on there car that are not available via the junk yard.

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