HELP call yourself aholics then answer this?

on north mountain drive in paradise city there is a signpost which is addressing 3 signs under a rocky over hang top sign says danger no mountain climbing crumbly rock people have fallen, bottom sign says danger hazardous rock fall area , what does the middle red and white sign say under health hazard ? please

have searched for the answer but cannot find it anywhere can make it out a bit but not allwords


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I can't remember the exact text, I took a photo of it and it's on operationburnout somewhere, but it says something like 'If you can read this then you have a good TV blah blah blah blah'

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Here is what Yabba was referring to...
Can you decipher what this says?, Signs in Paradise.

Love, Prophet

Love, Prophet

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I maxed out all the settings on the PC version. Here it is.


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Another mystery of Paradise City solved!  

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 Heh, that is pretty funny.  "If you can read this then the texture is too high Blah blah blah"

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Lke paradise/ know alot about it, than that means you are NOT a true burner/ burnoutaholic. It only means that you are lame and suck at revenge.

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Send me your details and we could talk about it over drinks and a meal? Or I could send you mine?

We could also discuss it, like a therapy session, but if you pay for the meal, no charge, and i'll cure you of this illness that would make you see the sun is shining and most of life is pretty cool, then when you have felt better, you can go out and find that kcid your really want to kcus, and understand what you are saying to me!

Then kcus some more skcid, and then you might realize what your saying to the owners and runners of this site, then when your pratice sessions are over, pop over to next years super bowl, and kcus all their skcid, and you may realise what you have said to alot of the members (skcid to you) here.

Get a grip, go kcus a kcid! You Dick!

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?Ding Dong!

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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are you talking to me? If so than i am not affected by your slander i am just trying to give paradise as much negative energy as i can to make the world a better place for me and people like me. So kcus it.

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I may have considered moderating this... but as it is, I think I will let this one slide.

Ofcourse, BurnoutAholics ethos is that if you love any of the Burnout Series you are a true Burner. Rofer doesn't like the current generation of Burnout, to put it mildly, and is entitled to his opinion. However, his views are not shared by and we welcome all Burnout fans here.

Especially ones like Suffur who make us smile, and give us 1  votes for all of our negative blogs! Thanks for keeping us in check Suf! (when I say our I mean my and you can swap the us for me!)

Long Live Burnout!