New Burnout Merchandise - This stuff you might actually want!

Criterion Games have updated thier Zazzle store to include some fabulous new merchandise.

The Millionaires Club and Criterion Elite T-Shirts are now available to purchase.
Burnout Paradise Stunt Run Millionaire's Club T-Shirt

Criterion Elite License T-Shirt

You can also now purchase mugs with the new Criterion Games Logo and the Burnout 3: Takedown Logo.

Criterion Games Mug & Burnout 3 Takedown Mug

And the Burnout 3: Takedown design is also available as a T-Shirt, along with the original unused Burnout Paradise Logo on a T-Shirt.

Burnout 3 Takedown T-Shirt & Burnout Pardise Original Logo T-Shirt

Interested? go to the Zazzle store to check 'em out! and if you have any other designs you want on merchandise email the team at

US Zazzle Store

UK Zazzle Store




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thought as mention of revenge ..... i know there is a mention in the zazzle store but not in this post ...... and yes im disappointed :(

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I know I have not been on here in a while, but I'm so happy these shirts are out. They don't look too thick, but I'll have to see. Ofcourse I'll get the Criterion Elite shirt (earned it) and the Burnout 3 shirt! I'll buy them for my upcoming birthday!!!


"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA

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I did notice that Revenge was not in there, it may be in the future, but I do see why they have B3 and paradise on the shirts. Besides, on Revenge, it was revolutionary for its crash simulation and debree when it was on the old gen systems. The programmer that died before the game came out was I think maybe the only person at Criterion that invented that program with c + or C sharp. I forget but I did research on him when I saw his name in the beginning credits of the game, I believed he died of pneumonia in his 40s or late 30s...If he were alive I know Burnout would be a bit better today.

Other than that, in my biased opionion, now that I gave Revenge its needed credit; it was too easy to drive. Whenever any car can just crash into traffic going the same direction, even though it gives you boost...its not as hard as Burnout 3 Takedown. Takedown was harder, even though Revenge had the attempt at making harder tracks to race on. Still Reveng eis such a rush, I only drove the elite car and the fastest indy car they had in there. Once Revenge came to the next gen systems, they messed it up pretty bad from the old gen version. It was nothing but just eye candy.

My views are biased in a way because I am looking at these games not only as a trained Game Designer, a fan of burnout, and just a person that plays so many games that he looks for something fresh in games of today.



"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA