Cops and Robbers

I am curious. I bought the Cops and Robbers pack and I like the new liveries and such, but exactly how do I go about starting or joining a Cops and Robbers game? Am I missing something? It wouldn't be the first time.

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you start it just like any other online game. Once your in freeburn online, and your the host, press the right directional button on the control pad. Then go to the online game option, then pick cops and robbers, etc...

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I was having this same problem! So, in response to twalker, the only option I can choose is "race" when I go to select the game type. Do I have to be in a freeburn with a certain number of people in order to start a C&R match? Is there any way to join a match? I've been itching to play this for a few days but I haven't been able to figure out how!

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To join a match just go to player match and just search for a quick match and scroll down the games until you see Cops and Robbers where Freeburn or Race usally is.

Also when they set a CaR game up you can drive with them but you can't play until they start a new game. When they set up a game, before it starts everyone will be devided into teams automatically. To change your team just click right on the D-Pad and go down until you see Change Teams.

One more thing: If you are the 4x4 Police truck but your on the Robbers team it will turn you into the normal 4x4. (The same goes with any other cars that are also Police cars.)