Cars Stolen, License Lost, Records Burned

 Hello, BurnoutAholics again. Today I bring some rather grevious news about myself that may possibly happen to anyone out there as well. This is on the PC.

I was just Freeburning with a few people driving challenges around when suddenly my BP crashed into a BSoD with a BIOS-related error that closely follows up to this one:

Now, I don't know what the hell was with that but this is the first time BP ever crashed and I'm rather appalled at the even more devastating results - it apparently reset my entire save game. I lost my Burnout Elite License, I lost my Rider License, my 100% completion rate, and a whole slew of singleplayer records I very well worked hard to achieve. I also lost all my earned vehicles and achievements and my online records were also reset unknowingly as I restarted BP and was utterly shocked to see the campaign intro come up again. (because at that very moment, I knew what it meant)

I'm not going to post my specs here for troubleshooting as I don't think this is the right place to do so anyway but I do ask of this - has anyone else fallen victim to this dillemma? If so, what was done to fix it? Is there no way to get my months of progress back? The good thing is I have a spared save game from another computer but that was when at least more than a month or two ago.

In this case, I might be considering taking advantage of trainers available for PC and cheat my progress back because I am really upset about my loss. And it wouldn't have been as devastating if my online records weren't reset either. I found myself cursing at DJ Atomika telling me about my "all new Hunter Cavalry". There goes my Platinum cars.

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Thats Rubbish! It's something that has happened to people on PS3 too... so I know the PS3 players would advise to back up your save game!! Although this advise is a little late now and isn't ideal anyway as nothing should happen to your gamesave as long as you don't do anything...

I would suggest that you report it to the Criterion games Bugzilla as it may be a problem for others too which, hopefully can be fixed.

here is the link to the Bugzilla:

Burnout Paradise Bugzilla

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Wow, thank you very much for the response. I'm taking the initiative to submit my problem to their Bugzilla. I doubt they'll notice it that much but I hope they recieve it either way. I was lucky that I found an extra and more recent save game with my Platinum cars elsewhere in my HDD so I'm back to Freeburning as before. :D I also found out that my Freeburn-only records weren't replaced, only my singleplayer online records. I kind of dislike the how 'vulnerable' the online records are after this incident. Regardless, thanks again for the response. :)


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My ps3 freeze so I was forced to turn it off and then on again and everything was gone my cars and all my recorder and best times all, so now I have a learn driving license. I hate done it all.