Toy Cars for PC only ONLINE??

Today I've sent this to , then I received an automatic email from criterion saying they wouldn't reply personally because of the high number of mails they get every day, so I thought I'd post my problem to different Burnout Paradise forums, see if anyone can solve my problem.

here's the email I sent:

Dear Criterion Staff,

I bought Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box for Pc one month ago and I'm very pleased with it. It's become my favorite racegame ever, which was first NFS Most Wanted. I just love all the different cars and the city is very entertaining to drive in. Some weeks ago I achieved my Elite License, and was happily surprised when I found out I could paint all my cars in gold. I am now striving to get 101% completion, with just +/- 50 Showitme Road Rules left to do, and it just never gets boring. Online play is awesome as well, I've made a lot of friends, and the challenges are awesome.

Earlier this week I bought the Toy Car Collection, I just couldn't resist anymore to those cute little cars, and having seen them online driven by other players, I decided I should have them too. At first everything went allright, until I found out, when I got home, that I wasn't able to use them for offline racing.

You see, I have a laptop, and I move a lot with it. My home is 15km from my university, and I have no internet at home, so when I go to the city I always take my laptop with me, to do the necessary internet research, and, occasionally, play online for a couple of hours, when my work is done. I usually have not much time left to play online however, and thus have forsaken my other games (for online gaming) such as Unreal Tournament 3 or Painkiller, only because Burnout Online is that much fun.

Now I don't like to complain, but I must say I was quite dissapointed when I came home and found out the Toy Cars had just vanished, and that I could apparently only drive them online. After all, I paid 14€, and I think it is only fair I could play them online and offline as well, I mean, even the ps3 players can use the toys offline. So my question/request is this: is there a way for me to play offline with the Toy Cars, by activating some sort of code, or downloading something? Could you make it happen? I have searched on the internet and the EA forums for clues about it, but it seems the ones who play online all ahve internet at their homes and thus not my problem. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do something about my situation, and I would gladly help in any way I can.


Jonathan Segers

P.S.: if it's of any importance, my online account ID is SMooTHRiLL, my email

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and way better put than I would have put it, 'Like where the kcuf are my offline toy cars!' but I digress as I have it on Xbox360 and offline toy game play is entertaining, though short lived, the toy van is a must for RR and MM FTW! Sorry for the Jargon, what bothered me about your letter was your reply, that was a computer generated response!

The point of Paradise was community, and an interaction with it, the point of the podcasts were to inform, educate and entertain the fans, and mail bag was the highlite of the podcast/video, now it is Marketing!

Before it was some fun done off the back of some hard working developers in high spirits, maybe blowing of steam or to stretch ones minds away of the monumental task that was Paradise, and to say what hard work we have done look at us and that were having fun with their fans and connecting, true the fans attacked, because we looked, really looked back at them, me included I think for good reason, because it was marketing to keep a beta alive till they did some work, to make the game good, not 'awesum' like their other games, but a good all round game, technical achievement unlocked, trophy brought home from accolades (I missed an i some were sorry) but still missing the fundimental experience that we had for the other games. So game play, maybe...

Paradise has had more press than any other game in the cannon, because it is different, new, ground breaking in tech, and has a new fan base of internet savy fan people, but it lacks game play, yeah its fun to dick about in the game I do it most nights with other like minded dick hangers, but thats all we can do, hang. Hang on till this GCC or DLC comes out, the Island is like the prick tease girl from school/office whatever, we have been offered a piece of something sold to be glorious to play with, and will pay for it like a meal on a date, but will it be the mind blowing thing we have built up in our minds? Time will tell, but what i think is great, maybe someone elses poison sorry put off, like bad kept feet (see that Eddie Murphy film forgot the name).

Sorry, to hijack another post again of someones, i think i have issues, smooththrill, but for some reason I thought the PC verison would have been the best version to get, as Criterion use that version to build the game, hence you get all the good stuff first or bad for that matter, to play with before any of us console owning, awaiting certification from the two gaming super powers that be outside EA. Did you hear the rumour that EA may be bought by Apple or the other way round, but with that merger could be born another console, which is scaring me because it will then become a console per gaming house in the future! Though EA own a lot of gaming properties, this one included and have shares in others, just like Sony and Mircosoft, to make sure they sell what they want to sell.

Anyhew, you might be missing an update for the PC version, hence why you can't use your cars off line or Criterion forgot to do it, d'oh. Either way, for your issue you should have got a reply, via a web page shout out to the PC players they tried so hard to sell too! But with the economic (this is spelled wrong right?) hick-up that we had last year does effect budgets and maybe they forgot to cost that one out. Allowing to play with the paid for content?

And I feel your pain, no i don't though i could be but it's completely different, and the way I feel stuff is so different to yours as i have been medicated in the past to feel it differently, pain that is. 

Yes, am rambling to being incoherant (now I know that ain't right, lol) but i would place your letter on every web site associated with Paradise that has a forum, some have even a PC section too, as someone from criterion will at least hear about it, and may pass it on to the Prof. True you may get some feed back from each site you go to + or -, but at least you tried to say 'yo look at me I am not impressed please fix something I paid for, thank you', as you are so polite! Thing is I feel that about the whole game and the DLC/GCC, it's like falling out/or off a bar stool, and that moment of trying to save yourself, it happens in milli seconds but last a life time in your mind, like bullet time if you will, and Paradise is on that edge, but instead of a cool looking save you find you're not going to make it and some bar tender gives you the beer towel to wipe up your own blood from the face plant, that got youtube'd as you cry scrubbing the floor, bleeding...

Thats how close Paradise is to greatness, rather than just another driving game, that i still play because the other ones aren't so great either (non burnout but there getting that way too), but Blur, Split/Second, Fuel, NFSx5 and others are out in the next year or so, before that damn Island comes out anyway, probably. And though I want to drive, I'd rather race and rage, I can drive a real car thanks in the real world, why make a game reflecting that, true can't flatspin and barrel roll (it's not role as one persons motto says x17 barrel role, though knowing me i speel a lot wrong, C!) but its a game and Burnout had the best Arcade racers out there, where did it go wrong, technology and invention for the next big thing got in the way of fun...

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?It keeps going but I try very hard to pull it back!

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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today I got an e-mail back after all:

Hi Jonathan,

 Due to the way the PC Nucleus account system works unfortunately there is no way that you can use the content when you are not signed into the EA Servers. Therefore it is not possible for us to enable you to use the cars when you are offline, it’s not that we don’t want to we actually can’t as there is no code redemption system in place. The game requires your account to be signed in as the entitlement resides on your Nucleus account and not on your machine like PS3/Xbox 360.

 Apologies for not being able to help you further.


 The Burnout Team.

Sooo apparently I'm doomed to play online with teh toys :@


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and SUFFUR, you can talk some shit man, but that's cool :D I like that! hell yeah.

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but what a strange thing to do, paid for content that can only be used if your online? not good imo!

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?