I'm in need of some maps that I can use on my web site.  I would like to use the maps on this site but I don't know if that would be alright with the owner of the site?

Here is a list of maps that I need:

1.  A map of all the smashes in Paradise City.

2.  A map of all the billboards in Paradise City.

3.  A map of all the Super Jumps in Paradise City.

4.  A map of all the Events in Paradise City.

5.  A map of all the Parking Building in Paradise City.

6.  A map of all the Drive throughs in Paradise City.

I will add a link to the site or persons account that I got the maps from.

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I am glad you like our maps, they are the culmination of a lot of work by Xandu and Evild, so although we are happy for you to add links to our site, we are not happy for you to copy them onto your own. aim is to be the best resource for all Burnout games, all of the content on this site is created by us, or published with permission from other BurnoutAholics. We prefer to post links to the original information then to copy from other sources.

Thanks for your understanding,


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Ok thats all I needed to know!:)