I like to do single player in Burnout Paradise, but as I complete the game I start to do the online games.  How do you complete the 490 challenges that it says you have to do to get 102% of the game?  I have six races that I have hosted and won 3 of them.  And I have won a lot of stunt runs online, but  it still says that I have 0/490 challenges complete.


So I just need to know a little about online play and how to do it.  I'm a PC and my user name is: thewindowsfreak, if that helps.

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You will need to do the timed challenges, or the freeburn challenges.If you are the host then go to the menu select view challenges, and pick one that coincides with how many players are in the room, and do them, once everyone has done what they are supposed to you will get a check mark next to that one, and so on.Before you host, you should join a room where they are doing challenges, and tell them your a noob, and most hosts will guide you through them, as long as you are trying they won't get too annoyed.What is annoying is a host that doesn't know what he is doing, and has you running all over the city, when you could be doing several challenges in the same area.Sometimes it takes awhile to find a good room, so don't give up, keep at it.Good luck!

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Thanks for the hlep!

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from one side of the city to the other.  I see it as sort of an extra challenge or race to see who can get there first.


Yeah I know I'm a wierdo :P